The books

It is an amazing feeling to hold a book that you have written yourself in your hand. I will not deny that I am immensely proud about our books. I say “our” because my husband Andréas is in this too, even though you seldom see or hear from him.
We have invested a lot of hours in to these 200 pages with traveling, visits at producers, research, editing, planing, writing and of course a lot of cava tasting. It has been great fun, but also quite stressful because it is no vacation to write two books in almost two years, while at the same time having a “normal job”.

Writing these books has changed my life and if they can bring you some knowledge and maybe some nice moments, I’m more than happy!

Unfortunately my publisher has failed in making them available outside Sweden, but if you want to buy one, just write me an e-mail at and we’ll sort it out!

framsidaFramsida boken

The Swedish version of the book
The Swedish version of the book