Tastings 2017

This year I will primarily host small tastings in Uppsala. There will be one focus on each tasting as you can see below. Each tasting has 10 places if nothing else is stated.


Tasting Nr 1: What do you really like? Blindtasting.
This kind of tasting is probably the best exercise you can do if you want to really learn about yourself and what your preferences are. We will taste five different sparkling wines that all represent different styles, and we will do it blind. Or to be precise I will cover up the bottles so you won’t see the labels, so don’t worry about being literally blindfolded. I have done many of these tastings through the years, and they are immensely popular. So take the chance to learn about yourself, what you like and  why you like it.

We will taste: I won’t tell you exactly but there will be champagne, cava, and other wines made by traditional method and other methods too. 

Date/Time: 9th of march 19.00
Price: 450 SEK/Person
Place: Norrlands Nation, Stecksénska biblioteket.

Tasting Nr 2: Top of the Pops!
We will taste the prestige within cava and champagne. This is a really unique opportunity to compare the best cavas with some of the best champagnes. What does ten years (or more!) of aging do with these sparkling wines, and how does the styles age differently 

We will taste: 
-Sir Winston Churchill 2004, Pol Roger
-Dom Perignon 2006, Moët & Chandon
-Turó d’en Mota 2005, Recaredo
-La Capella 2005, Juvé y Camps
-Enoteca 2001, Gramona
You don’t want to miss this if you are a bubble fan, since how often do you have the chance to taste five bottles at the same time that  cost over 1300 SEK each! You could probably not have a better Wednesday!?

Date/Time: 12th of April 19.00
Price: to be announced. 
Place: Norrlands Nation, Stecksénska biblioteket.

Tasting Nr 3: Rosé… traditional pink or modern pale?
When the summer is getting closer, it is the time for rosé according to many people. We will try different cavas of both younger style and more aged Gran Reservas. And of course we will have cavas with both the modern Pinot noir, to more traditional varieties as Trepat and Monastrell. This is really a perfect opportunity to learn how very different rosé cavas can be. I have tried to really show the whole spectra.  

We will taste: 
-Intense Rosat Brut Nature Gran Reserva, Recaredo
-Rosat pinot noir, Castell Sant Antoni 
-Pàl Lid Rosé Brut Reserva, Torelló
-Freixenet Trepat Brut, Freixenet

Date/Time: 18th of May 19.00
Price: 450 SEK/Person

Place: Norrlands Nation, Stecksénska biblioteket.

Tasting 4: What is in a year?
We will taste a cava called Milesimé from the producer Juvé y Camps, and compare the vintages, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Since this is a monovarital cava (chardonnay) the differences between the years become even more clear. A unique opportunity to try a cava that is not available in Sweden (yet) and see how cava can change over vintages and evolve with aging. 

Date/Time: 14th of Sep 19.00
Price: 450 SEK/Per person

Place: Norrlands Nation, Stecksénska biblioteket.

Tasting 5: The five best cavas at Systembolaget?
I often get the question what the real bargains at Systembolaget are. I have not tasted them all and new things pop up all the time, but I will share with you my five favorites spread over the whole price segment, from the cheaper to the more pricy.

We will taste:
 I won’t tell you, its a secret until the tasting. 

Date/Time: 12th of Oct 19.00
Price: 450 SEK/Person

Place: Norrlands Nation, Stecksénska biblioteket.

Tasting 6: Bubbels for Christmas and New

Are you having a huge family dinner or party on Christmas or New Years, or maybe it is just you and your best friend/partner? Well in time for Christmas we will taste some really good cavas that might suit your needs.
We will taste both dry and sweeter cava that will match both food and those sweets we all tend to eat over the holidays.

We will taste: Details to be decided.

Date/Time: 7th of Dec 19.00
Price: 450 SEK/Person

Place: Norrlands Nation, Stecksénska biblioteket.


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