1 wedding, 12 arrests and 2 thunderstorms.

We are back after a busy week in Penedes. I just cant believe we got so much done while having kids and the family to consider all the time.  But with a constant focus on the wedding ahead and all the cava, food guests and other logistics I guess it is easy to just loose track. It turned out great though as you can see form the pictures. But we were lucky…


At midday on Friday when rehearsal dinner was planed for 6 pm and all things started to get set up, the Penedes thunderstorm was upon us. If you have experienced them you know what I mean. Heavy rain and thunder for about one hour, and then gone. There is always a risk the storm brings his brother after a while, but ont this time! The weather cleared and we got an amazing starry sky to accompany  us al evening.
History repeats itself on the wedding day morning, and the bride askes me if I think that this morning rain was “it”… I happily reply “Of course! There is normally only one shower a day here, if it rains at all.”. She was happy and calmed by my answer and I prayed to the weather Gods that they would give us a break at least during ceremony and dinner. They did! Another amazing night sky with blazing starrs, and the Penedes that me and Andreas have learned to love so much, really showed her best side.

But nothing can be really just joyful and happy can it?
After the arrest in Barcelona of 12 Catalan politicians on the Wednesday and following protests, my mind was constantly jumping back to my friends in the area and their situation. The amounts of flaggs showing the support for Catalan independence, grew in quantity from Thursday on. Driving through the villages and on the countryside they were now numerous, hanging from houses and light poles. I don’t want to worry for the situation Catalonia vs. Madrid and I haven’t so far, but now the game seems to change and  I’m not so sure anymore.

I sit here in Sweden surrounded by the cava made by my friends in Catalonia and my heart is with them.

Wedding plans? Here are some tips on bubbles!

Getting married is the best thing I have ever done! I could not be happier or wish for anything more. Appart from more Cava in the cellar perhaps. 😉

If you are in the wedding planing mode right now, I just have one thing to say; Congratulations! Even though it is much to plan and things to decide and you probably feel totally overwelmed with all the choices there are out there, it is still a one in a life time thing. (lets hope) And it is just wonderfull that you found that special one that you want to share the rest of your life with and that this person feels the same about you. Not everyone is that lucky you know. 

When I got married we wanted bubbles through the entire dinner, and so we had. I’m not saying that this is the natural choice fot you, but most couples whants to raise their glasses at some point during the day and say cheers, and very often you want just bubbles in your glass when you do that.

So here are some tips from me to you on some nice afordable Cava that will give your wedding that extra sparkle!

If you like pink and those fruity notes.
Then I absolutely recommend you to try Vilarnau´s brut Rosé. It is bright pink, with an obondence of red berries in the nose and mainly fresh strawberries and rasberries as dominating tastes, with nice small boubbles. I have recommended this to many weddings passed and everyone has been so happy with it.
Grapes: 90% trepat and 10% pinot noir.
Price in sweden: around 11 Euros*
You can find more information about it here!


de nitIf you want pink but abit more descrete.
Then I would sugest Raventós i Blancs De Nit. A lovely, very elegant Cava that is just slightly pink, not even “salmon coloured” I would say. It is fruity but more crisp and subtle in its caracter and would suit anyone who would like elegance above all else, but still a bubbly with those fresh and fruity notes. You will find more about De Nit here.
es: 43% Macabeu, 33% Xarel·lo, 19% Parellada, 5% Monastrell

Price in sweden: Around  16 Euros*


If you want something pale and classic but in a trendy packeging.
Pere Ventura is a very modern producer when it comes to lables and packeging, and I love it! Their Cavas is of the clasical stile though with alot of Macabeu, Parellada and Xarel.lo: I love their cavas but here I want to recommend their Brut nature Tresor abit extra. It is a pale, crisp Cava with fruity notes and hints of honey that comes from the aging. An elegant Cava for any wedding.
Grapes: 40% Xarel.lo, 40% macabeu, 20% Parellada.
Price in sweden: Around 14 Euros
If you want to read more about Pere Ventura or Tresor you will find them here. 




*remember that Sweden is a high tax country and that you might find them to an other price where you live.





Sabering is always fun, ecpesially at a wedding! Here my husband Andreas does it perfectly!