Programa Terra i Vi – great short programs!

Andréas and me have for a long time wondered why there is so little information about Penedès and the cava and wine producers in a informative, simple and professional manner? It is so easy to create films, clips and use social media to promote whatever it is you want to promote. 
The individual producers are often great with social media, but there has been very quiet from the region at large. Of course I might have missed something, but if I did maybe that just tells us that it did not reach that many, at least not internationally where the big market is to be honest.

Skärmavbild 2014-08-25 kl. 11.32.19Now the Penedès region seems to have pulled together and started short informative programs available on youtube called Programa Terra Vi. Absolutely fabulous! Finally! But unfortunately we seem to have to wait for the versions with English subtitles, because as always it is all in Spanish. The Youtube translation service does not work in an optimal way unfortunately.

The programs are around 13 minutes long and focuses on one producer in each program, plus some information about winemaking in general. It is all very structured and inspirational, and at the end of each show Ton Collet, sommelier at Vinseum Taverna, gives a few opinions about some of the chosen wines from the producer in question. 
It is great to see Ton in action, and that his great knowledge is put to good use. Ton has thought Andréas and me so much about local wines, and we always get a great recommendation when we want to try something new at the taverna.

Us at Vinseum and Ton behind the camera. 🙂

So far there are thirteen shows available that focuses on the following producers:
1. Sumarroca
2. Heretat Mont Rubí
3. Loxarel
4. Domènech Vidal
5. Nadal
6. Llopart
7. Oriol Rossell
8. Albet i Noya
9. Mas Bertran
10. Mas Tinell
11. Can Bas
12. Vilarnau
13. Can Descregut

I can really recommend them if you want to learn more about the region. Well done to D.O Penedès who is the organisation behind the movies!

We want to see more of this! And hopefully in english!

Vinseum on a Sunday

SAMSUNGWe have had some great days here in Penedés since Friday. We have had dinner with some great friends and relaxed some to be honest. A great differance actually. 🙂

Tonight we have left our beloved CalRuget Bio Hotel to explore “new grounds” at Vilafranca. So tonight we are staying at Casa Torner Güell. This hotel is not very large, but quite modern and very nice. We will write about it more later, but I can only mention that the showers are great! Like  waterfall!
But what I wanted to tell you was that we had a great evening at the Vinseum taverna (at Twitter @TavernaVinseum). We met some new friends and Cava lovers from the US, and had a great time talking about different producers, styles and preferences. So lovely to meet new cava lovers!
Later we met “Mr Parés Baltà” himself and his fantastic wife. It was so great to see Joan again and to finaly meet his wife. It always makes us so happy to see the Parés Baltà family, because they are just really lovely!
Vinseum Taverna is a really great place and they have at least four cavas on glass every night. And not only do they have great Cava, but also wine and some nice tapas if you are hungry. So next time you are in Vilafranca you should definately visit both the museum and the taverna!

The museum has a great many activities so it is worth checking their schedule out!