Empty glasses are better glasses

I am a very lucky person. Do you know why?
I have people I love with whom I can share my glasses of cava. I have friends and family to listen to my stories and who share my happiness and worries. I know it might sound obvious, but it really isn’t. It is really everything that matters, when you come to think of it and I do very often, although maybe not as often as I should.

Today we had the happy occasion to celebrate our newest neighbour’s first birthday. She had it a bit rough coming in to this world, so it was really worth remembering and thinking about. We were all so worried a year ago, and today we had almost forgotten.

Looking at the four empty glasses on the table I realised, as the neighbours were just going home, that this is what is really interesting. It was like the glasses had absorbed our whole conversation, as they now held the memories. As I was washing the glasses by hand (very unlike me…) I pondered a bit over our conversations.

It is really easy to forget the everyday things that makes life what it is, and it is easies still to forget what is really important.

Last week we lost a very good friend to cancer. It was all very sudden, unexpected and way way before his time. Since his passing, memories of our travels and good times have been rolling in my memories like a film at the cinema. Many of the memories we have shared and things we have talked about, have been over a glass of cava. So many empty glasses, all containing so many stories and memories.

I’m fortunate to have empty glasses in plural. Just imagine how it would be in singular…

I miss you Lars

A second book?

Things are always moving it seems. Never a quiet moment, and I know that I sometimes complain about it. But after all, I am the one making up my own schedule (at least after work), so I guess I can only blame my self. But it feels like I never keep up with my own plans, so I’ll bet the answer is to not plan that much, right?

But now I seem to have a new project cooking. Not only am I planning to do some filming for the blog, since some of you have asked for more tips on Cavas to try, and I’m of course happy to oblige. And maybe you’ll have some more sabering films, who knows? 😉
But appart from that my publisher has asked me if I’m interested in writing a new book about Cava. So maybe you’ll have a new book coming in a year or so. But we will see.

Any how I can not express how happy I am to be able to come home tomorrow and celebrate #Happy Friday Cava with my husband and fantastic neighbour. I have been one week on the road with work and miss home so much it hurts. But soon very soon, you will have a picture of me drinking Cava. That is a promise!

And I will hopefully be as happy as in this picture.


Have you thought about life lately?

I just came in after a very short run (the second this year), and while standing in my very small kitchen stretching, looking out over the river that flows past our house, I came to think about life. I have a very good life. A VERY good life indeed! I can’t say that I miss anything in it. Well an Aston Martin Vanquish would always be nice of course… 😉
Well I honestly can’t think of anything I really need, not for real.

I have a fantastic husband, my family that is always there for me and really close by, more friends that I could ever wish for, I am not ill, I have a great job that I love going to every day and I live in the most beautiful place! I am really all set. And I really hope you are too. Think about it… what really matters?

On top of all this I can eat great food every day (since my fantastic husband is such a great cook!) and I have my Cava in the cellar. So to make this day and this life even better, I’ll go and get one of those bottles and start up dinner. And while cooking I’ll think about that I’ll soon be in Penedès again. Just two weeks to go!!