Where does the Cava de Paraje Calificado grow?

In the beginning of July the first sites of the new cava classification were chosen. Better late than never I guess, because it has been a very slow process.

If the road that the D.O. Cava have chosen, to promote themselves, will be successful is yet to be seen. But personally I’m hopeful that Cava de Paraje might help to spread awareness about the long aged cavas among the more interested consumers. But we need to remember that the production of these bottles is very low and the crowd that buys them small.

The first 12 sites that has been accepted for the “Cava de Paraje Calificado” (insane that there is no English translation) are spread out both among the big producers and smaller premium houses.

Recaredo´s Turó D’en Mota is of course among the sites and if you want you can read more about this special vineyard in earlier posts here on the blog. Also the house of Torelló have their old vineyards of Can Martí on the list which is happy news, although not surprising. I won’t comment on all the houses but just say that I think it is great that this becomes a reality and I hope that the list will grow in the future.

The 12 Cava sites, and the houses that own them:

  • Vinyes de Can Martí – Torelló
  • Turó d’en Mota – Recaredo
  • Serral del Vell – Recaredo
  • Vallcirera – Alta Alella
  • La Capella – Juvé i Camps
  • Can Sala – Freixenet
  • La Pleta – Codorníu
  • El Tros Nou – Codorníu
  • La Fideuera – Codorníu
  • Can Prats – Vins el Cep
  • Font de Jui – Gramona
  • Terroja – Castellroig

I’m really looking forward to trying all these wines when they are out in store. Even though some already are although not under the new classification.

The Spanish wine day in Stockholm

This Monday I saw a lot of friends at the Spanish wine days in Stockholm. I must say that it is very practical to be able to see so many people at the same time. I got to taste some new interesting things as well and my youngest (3 months now), got to “enjoy his first wine fair. I think the older one was about the same age when she got to visit her first fair. 😉

sangriaAmong the happy events was that I had the pleasure to see my friend Lotten that works for Freixenet here in Stockholm. She is just the best and I had not seen her for a long time. Between all the catching up I got to taste their new Sangria that is fresh out of the Mia-series made by Gloria Collell. I do make my own sangria normally, but I can really see why this ready-to-drink-sangria is going really well here in sweden, and that it soon will have its own listing at the monopoly. Fresh, fruity and not overly sweet. Of course it is sweet because sangria is suposed to be, but less than I was expecting. There is both a red and a white for 79 SEK if I remember correctly. I only tried the white, that is made from macabeu grapes and juice from both lemon and orange. Really perfect to ad to the picnic basket I’d say!

Gramona was also represented by their wonderful importer, Terrificwines. Anderas is truly passionate about the wines he represents and had a crowd around him constantly. We could catch up a tiny bit at least and I could taste Gramona Imperial 2011, which is the latest vintage that I had not yet tried. No disappointments there. Gramona delivers every time.

I also had the pleasure to see the representative of Castell D’Age, Olivia, that I have long since wanted to meet. So now finally when we go down for cavaTast we will make a visit to the winery, and I promise you a full report. Castell D’Age has really nice caves that are all ecologic which is always a plus.

Last but not least I got once again try the wonderful caves of house Torelló, that has FINALLY come to Sweden thanks to the importer Lancell. Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t say anything else than that I love what they do.

It is not easy going to a fair with a 3 month old baby, but I must say that he was a real champion! But one hour was more than enough before we headed home.
Now I’m preparing him and his sister for all the wonderful wine visits we will do ones we are back in Penedés. If I’m lucky they just might like it and grow up to be winemakers themselves! 😉

Three Rosés for the summer!

This week´s CavaTV episode is out and I promised to write about the cavas in more detail here. So here we go!

ElyssiaFreixenet Elyssia pinot noir
Grapes: Pinot noir 85% Trepat 15%
Code at Systembolaget: 77151
Price: 173 SEK
Ageing: >18 months
Dosage:9 gr/l
Red fruits in the nose like rassberry and blackberry. Nice bubbles and texture with lingering fruits in the aftertaste.
Pairs well with abit spicier tapas like spicy rosted almonds, smoked shrimps and olives.

MascaroMascaró Rubor Aurorae
Price: About 12 USD
Ageing: >12 months
Dosage: 6 gr/l
Cherries and strawberries in the nose that stays also in the mouth with a elegant and subtle aftertaste. The acidity is refreshing and the bubbles creamy. A very elegant cava that is great as an apperitiff, but that is well suited to tapas and food like really good and nutty jamon, rosted nuts and great big green olives.

MassuauFerrer i Catassús’s Mas Suau
Grapes: Trepat and Monastrell
Code at Systembolaget: 77148
Price: 121 SEK
Ageing: >18 months
Dosage: ?
Lots of intense red fruits, rasberries, strawberries and red current. A soft mouse and nice acidity with the fruits lingering in the aftertaste.
Pairs well with more flavour intense tapas like smoked gambas, chorizo and well matured manchego.


Finally back at our second home in Penedès

Finally being back here in Catalonia is really fantastic. To celebrate we went to Sitges after a short meeting at Freixenet, regarding the book. The sun was shining and after a walk along the blue water, we had a fantastic lunch with Paella and some Kripta. Pure luxury, but we were both agreed on that it was the right thing to start the vacation with a bang!
What is interesting is that a bottle of Kripta (which is a FANTASTIC real cult cava) cost about 45 € here, and for that price in Sweden you would basically get “the house wine”, when going to a restaurant. So it is really easy to spoil oneselfe going out to eat here.

But as you know pictures say more than thousand words!


This is where we stay.
out and about in the garden
artichoces for dinner?
artichoces for dinner?
The big house
The big house
24 C in the pool!
24 C in the pool!
Fresh eggs in the morning!
Fresh eggs in the morning!
Roses every where!
Roses every where!

This is our second home and Florian and Veronica are always taking such good care of us! So now we have until Sunday to relax some, with some friends coming on the weekend. But on Sunday our first group arrives for a four day guided tour with visits at wine producers, walks in the vineyards and fantastic food and cava. We are so excited!
(We are staying at CalRuget Bio Hotel)

Great paella is really a fantastic dish!
Great paella is really a fantastic dish!
Kripta for lunch is a rare treat!
Kripta for lunch is a rare treat!


After a great lunch came a great dinner with four courses, all cooked by Florian. Gaspacho, then sallads from the garden, fried Lamb and  at the end mandarine sorbet for dessert! Yummy!

A great snack before dinner and cava from Mas Comtal!
A great snack before dinner and cava from Mas Comtal!
A sallad from the garden, really to die for!
A sallad from the garden, really to die for!