1 wedding, 12 arrests and 2 thunderstorms.

We are back after a busy week in Penedes. I just cant believe we got so much done while having kids and the family to consider all the time.  But with a constant focus on the wedding ahead and all the cava, food guests and other logistics I guess it is easy to just loose track. It turned out great though as you can see form the pictures. But we were lucky…


At midday on Friday when rehearsal dinner was planed for 6 pm and all things started to get set up, the Penedes thunderstorm was upon us. If you have experienced them you know what I mean. Heavy rain and thunder for about one hour, and then gone. There is always a risk the storm brings his brother after a while, but ont this time! The weather cleared and we got an amazing starry sky to accompany  us al evening.
History repeats itself on the wedding day morning, and the bride askes me if I think that this morning rain was “it”… I happily reply “Of course! There is normally only one shower a day here, if it rains at all.”. She was happy and calmed by my answer and I prayed to the weather Gods that they would give us a break at least during ceremony and dinner. They did! Another amazing night sky with blazing starrs, and the Penedes that me and Andreas have learned to love so much, really showed her best side.

But nothing can be really just joyful and happy can it?
After the arrest in Barcelona of 12 Catalan politicians on the Wednesday and following protests, my mind was constantly jumping back to my friends in the area and their situation. The amounts of flaggs showing the support for Catalan independence, grew in quantity from Thursday on. Driving through the villages and on the countryside they were now numerous, hanging from houses and light poles. I don’t want to worry for the situation Catalonia vs. Madrid and I haven’t so far, but now the game seems to change and  I’m not so sure anymore.

I sit here in Sweden surrounded by the cava made by my friends in Catalonia and my heart is with them.

I’m “dry”, and it makes a difference

I have not had a proper glass of cava for a very long time now. It sounds serious I know, but it is just a temporary thing. But none the less boring mind you! Why this abstinence you might wonder? Well I’m pregnant again.

Although I’m thrilled over the fact that our little family of three, will expand to four I must admit that being pregnant (although fantastic) is not as fun the second time around. I miss my bubbles! It’s not even that I drink every day or even every second day, it is that feeling of not having a choice that gets me. To sit back and enjoy a glass of cava after baby E has gone to bed, just talking to Andréas. Those wonderful dinners that he spends all that extra time cooking, are not the same and can’t fully blossom with just water to go with them. And not to mention all those new bottles in the cellar that I have never tried, that are now just waiting for me to get to the finish line. But I will get there at the end of May, don’t worry!

Last time when baby E came, we came to the hospital 13.00, E came 14.40 and we were home celebrating with bubbles at 23.00 that same evening. A very good day in every way I must say. Probably the best so far.  Last time we opened a Sir Winston Churchill from 1999, so this time I have started to think about what to put on ice when the time comes. I think it might just be a Turó D’en Mota. But first I’m going to act “taxidriver” to Andreas and our friends for four more months! But who’s complaining, when you have something this special to look forward too?! Not me, not really.


CavaTV london episode is up!

Hi dear bubble lovers!

If you are not following me on twitter, instagram or Facebook, you might have missed that the new CavaTV episode is up. This time I have been to London with my girls!
I bought som cava at Marks & Spencer´s, and if you want to find out how it was you can click here!

IMG_2600 Starting out with lunch at Ponit’s italian kitchen! Really nice food and so good with a glass of wine to start off the “girls weekend”!











On our way to Camino and Copa the cava and of course I have my wonderful Wearing memories ring with me, and this time a cap from Raventós i Blanc’s De Nit, which is one of my many favorites. IMG_2616








So great to finally visit Copa de Cava and Camino. It was a really great night with fantastic food and cava from Gramona.





IMG_2621Richard who owns and runs Copa the cava took the time to see us and treated us to a couple of glasses of cava before dinner. Great to chitchat with another cava lover. IMG_2654




I also had the time to take a walk in Hyde Park. I have always loved these kind of english benches with inscriptions on the back. i think I have to buy one for our garden at home. IMG_2660



This gang was out riding their bikes all dressed up in tweed. Apparently they were a part of the annual “tweed run”. Personally I LOVE tweed and thought this was a great idea!IMG_2675




At the afternoon tea we went to they had wonderful marmalade with short captions on the inside of the lids. It made us all so happy. So all in all a great weekend with shopping, food, wine, cava, great friends and fantastic weather! We will do it soon again!