Where does the Cava de Paraje Calificado grow?

In the beginning of July the first sites of the new cava classification were chosen. Better late than never I guess, because it has been a very slow process.

If the road that the D.O. Cava have chosen, to promote themselves, will be successful is yet to be seen. But personally I’m hopeful that Cava de Paraje might help to spread awareness about the long aged cavas among the more interested consumers. But we need to remember that the production of these bottles is very low and the crowd that buys them small.

The first 12 sites that has been accepted for the “Cava de Paraje Calificado” (insane that there is no English translation) are spread out both among the big producers and smaller premium houses.

Recaredo´s Turó D’en Mota is of course among the sites and if you want you can read more about this special vineyard in earlier posts here on the blog. Also the house of Torelló have their old vineyards of Can Martí on the list which is happy news, although not surprising. I won’t comment on all the houses but just say that I think it is great that this becomes a reality and I hope that the list will grow in the future.

The 12 Cava sites, and the houses that own them:

  • Vinyes de Can Martí – Torelló
  • Turó d’en Mota – Recaredo
  • Serral del Vell – Recaredo
  • Vallcirera – Alta Alella
  • La Capella – Juvé i Camps
  • Can Sala – Freixenet
  • La Pleta – Codorníu
  • El Tros Nou – Codorníu
  • La Fideuera – Codorníu
  • Can Prats – Vins el Cep
  • Font de Jui – Gramona
  • Terroja – Castellroig

I’m really looking forward to trying all these wines when they are out in store. Even though some already are although not under the new classification.

CavaTV #2 – Christmas Cava Sangria

This is the tastiest bubbly drink I have ever had! Andréas is such a genius with mixing.

If you don’t know what to give your guests as they arrive, this is a great suggestion I think. 🙂
I’m sure you will have lots of happy comments!
Hope you try it and hope you like it!


The book is on the way to print!

My goodness!
Even though it was less than two years ago we did the first book I had forgotten how much back and forth mailing it was at the end. Now the second book is finally ready it seems, and is sent to print. We are so excited both me and Andréas. Especially about the fact that we have been able to write about the things we love about Barcelona and Penedès.

We have also had the great opportunity to present 19 producers, and we hope that this will make consumers in Sweden more interested in the area, cavas and the people who make them.

As always we have tried to be as personal as possible. 🙂

I cant give you the entire inside of the book but this below is the intro to the chapter about the producers. I’ll let you know when it is available in the stores.

Sunny and bubbly regards!


Cava on swedish web-tv

This weekend I had the chance to participate in a cooking show on UNT web tv. I was there to talk about Cava, since Liselotte (the chef) was making tapas.

We had a wonderful time, and the tapas that Liselotte cooked was absolutely wonderful, with one of my favourite tapas, padrones. But also Manchego, marinated olives and patatas con riojos.
To this I brought, Segura Viudas Brut Rosé, Recaredo Brut Nature 2007, Anna de Codorniu and Freixenet Reserva Real. All wonderfull Cavas.

You can see the show here.

If you know swedish you can read the article about me, Andréas and the book, that was published in UNT on the 26th of October 2012. Article