Ny Gran Reserva på bolagets ordinarie sortiment!

Första gången jag hälsade på hos producenten Castell d’Age, var jag där med min goda vän Lars som importerade deras cavor till Danmark. Sen den dagen har jag varit mycket förtjust i vad detta hus skapar. Ett hus som nu i tredje generation leds av kvinnor, vilket inte hör till vanligheterna i Katalonien.
Alla husets cavor och viner är helt ekologiska och de arbetar oerhört mycket med  att vingårdarna skall må bra och att det skall finnas en rik brädd på flora och fauna på deras marker. Allt för att arbeta så hållbaras de kan och ta ansvar för kommande generationer.
Nu släpps deras Gran Reserva Aurelia på systembolaget den 1:a December, det vill säga i morgon fredag! Otroligt nog släpps den på ORDINARIE SORTIMENT! Så även om butikerna till viss del kan välja vad de vill ta in så är chansen stor eller mycket stor att du kommer hitta Aurelia på ditt lokala systembolag.
Så nu har du chansen att fynda en fantastisk Gran Reserva för det allt för billiga priset av 139 kr.

Aurelia Gran Reserva 
Brut Nature
Druvor: 40% Macabeo, 40% Xarel.lo, 10% Parellada,
10% Chardonnay
Restsocker: <3gr/L
Lagring: >30 månader
Pris: 139 kr
Nummer: 7923Beskrivning: Aurelia är en mycket elegant cava som lämnar ett härligt eftertryck. Fräscha citrustoner och något blommig, men på grund av det lilla chardonnaytillskottet, så får Aurelia en härligt rund touch. Bröd och honung finns med i avslutningen, som är superhärlig med finfina bubblor som kittlar på helt rätt sätt. Ett klipp helt enkelt!  

Aurelia bryter mark på systembolaget i morgon vilket är underbart att se! En strålande Gran Reserva på ordinarie sortiment för 139 kr, det är knappt så man vågar tro att det är sant! 
Jag är övertygad om att Aurelia kommer att bli en ny favorit hos många bubbelälskare, och det skall bli underbart att höra hur mottagandet blir.


Välgörenhetsprovning 4:e maj

Kom igen nu! Innan den 24:e april måste du och dina fina vänner anmäla er till välgörenhetsprovninigen på Norrlands! Vi siktar på att det skall bli den största cvaprovningen i Uppsala och troligen Sverige någonsin! Hjälp oss att fylla gamla salen och skrapa ihop lite pengar till renoveringsfonden. Utlottning av fina priser blir det dessutom som bonus! Komsi komsi!

Castell D’Age, finally!

fullsizerender-4We have for three years wanted to visit Castell D’Age with our friend Lars, but with kids and a limited time it just did not happen until today. But better late than never as they say.

fullsizerender-2We got a tour by the fantastic Olivia, who knows the winery inside out. This is not so strange since Olivia is the daughter of the family who owns and runs the company, and like her mother and grandmother has her own cava named after her. And a great cava at that!

Castell D’Age makes about 100 000 – 150 000 bottles a year and of this 80 percent is cava. They make all aging levels and both super dry brut nature and some sweater styles too.
They are fully biodynamic since about five years back, and Olivia tells us that it has made a huge difference in the vine yards, with the biodiversity and health in the vines. It must be working since their cavas are very nice and definately something I would happily recommend to any cava fan.

My favorite is funny enough the Olivia. But I really recommend you to try for yourself because the chance that you might find it where you live is pretty good, since 70 % of all the cava Castell D’Age produce goes on export, so their spread is pretty large. You can get more information on their website. http://castelldage.com/

Family    fullsizerender-7

The Spanish wine day in Stockholm

This Monday I saw a lot of friends at the Spanish wine days in Stockholm. I must say that it is very practical to be able to see so many people at the same time. I got to taste some new interesting things as well and my youngest (3 months now), got to “enjoy his first wine fair. I think the older one was about the same age when she got to visit her first fair. 😉

sangriaAmong the happy events was that I had the pleasure to see my friend Lotten that works for Freixenet here in Stockholm. She is just the best and I had not seen her for a long time. Between all the catching up I got to taste their new Sangria that is fresh out of the Mia-series made by Gloria Collell. I do make my own sangria normally, but I can really see why this ready-to-drink-sangria is going really well here in sweden, and that it soon will have its own listing at the monopoly. Fresh, fruity and not overly sweet. Of course it is sweet because sangria is suposed to be, but less than I was expecting. There is both a red and a white for 79 SEK if I remember correctly. I only tried the white, that is made from macabeu grapes and juice from both lemon and orange. Really perfect to ad to the picnic basket I’d say!

Gramona was also represented by their wonderful importer, Terrificwines. Anderas is truly passionate about the wines he represents and had a crowd around him constantly. We could catch up a tiny bit at least and I could taste Gramona Imperial 2011, which is the latest vintage that I had not yet tried. No disappointments there. Gramona delivers every time.

I also had the pleasure to see the representative of Castell D’Age, Olivia, that I have long since wanted to meet. So now finally when we go down for cavaTast we will make a visit to the winery, and I promise you a full report. Castell D’Age has really nice caves that are all ecologic which is always a plus.

Last but not least I got once again try the wonderful caves of house Torelló, that has FINALLY come to Sweden thanks to the importer Lancell. Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t say anything else than that I love what they do.

It is not easy going to a fair with a 3 month old baby, but I must say that he was a real champion! But one hour was more than enough before we headed home.
Now I’m preparing him and his sister for all the wonderful wine visits we will do ones we are back in Penedés. If I’m lucky they just might like it and grow up to be winemakers themselves! 😉

We are running very low on cava…

The problem with loving cava in Sweden, is that the diversity available is not what it should…
Luckily we have a friend in Denmark, who imports some really great cavas, but unfortunately we have been bit short on time to go visit and stock up, due to the children. Yes I blame the children. 😉

But for you living in Denmark or who happens to be close to Århus, I can very much recommend to check out Lars website! http://www.vildmedcava.com

Among other houses he has available you will find:
-Castel d’Age
-Jaume Giró i Giró
-Castel Sant Antoni