About us

It all started with Anna studying to become sommelier and writing a book about Cava and Andréas taking the pictures. Now we have been in Catalonia many times, fallen in love with it, the people and the Cava and are planing to move to Penedés. But all in due course.

In the mean time we have written a second book about Cava, Penedés, Barcelona and its people, and are now planing our third. But we are also expanding the website and blog, hosting tastings, doing reviews and trying to promote Cava in every way we can. We are NOT importers, but rather see our selves as impartial ambassadors for Cava in general.

If there is anything you wonder about when it comes to Cava, you are always welcome to contact us. Easiest is at the moment through Instagram: Thecavalady, Facebook: /thecavalady or e-mail: anna.m.wallner@gmail.com

And remember that Cava makes your day brighter!

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