Ett bord för två/a table for two – a podcast

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being the guest at the podcast “ett bord för två”/”A table for two”. This podcast is produced by Vinguiden, with Michael Anderquim as the captain of the ship. A truly nice series I must say, since I did listen to most of the podcasts as “homework” before I sat down at Michaels table. Interesting guests and many intriguing topics.

A table for two is a personal and informative podcast where all the guests have something special to bring to the table, both when it comes to stories, life experience and an actual physical wine! The tradition that both the guests and Michael brings one wine each and tells the story behind why they choose this particular wine is very interesting indeed. After listening to a couple of podcasts I found myself wondering and guessing what the guest in question would bring… Pretty obvious I brought a cava. To be more exact Celler Batlle from Gramona which happened to be the best cava I had in the cellar, and also being one of my all time favorites!

If you feel like listning to the podcast and my and Michaels little talk, it will go live on the 13th of september. But be aware that it is in Swedish.
you will find the pod on Acast or through the website


Confraria del Cava!

confraria 6

Last Monday was a very special day. Not only because the sun was shining on Penedés and Sant Sadurni d’Anoia and the autumn colours had started to be seen among the wines, but mainly because of the fact that I could attend the ceremony at the Confraria del Cava.

Last year when I presented my first book at the Cavatast I was honoured with the title Confraria de Merit, which is an honorary title that the Cava order (the confraria), bestows on the people that they think has worked especially well in the interest of Cava. Unfortunately I could not attend the ceremony last year, so I came this year instead.

confraria 4The evening started in good Spanish time 21.30, with some cava while we waited for the ceremony to start. When all the people (about 280 of us) had taken their seats in the cellar, everything started and now the Catalan began… I really need to learn Catalan! Apparently Uppsala university (where I live) is the only university in Sweden where Catalan is actually thought, so maybe I should give it a go. :-)The president of the Confraria, our friend Toni de la Rosa y Torelló, was so kind as to switch to English when he talked about me, so I could at least understand that part.
As the initiations continued, the temperature in the cellar increased and I thought to my self that it is a good thing for the barrels that there is not always that many people there to disturb their peace.
After all the “secret stuff”, medals and diplomas, there was time for more photos and cava! Jippiii! And then we all went upstairs to have dinner.
The first course was served at 23.57, and after the five lovely dishes we took our farewells short after two in the morning.

Confraria 1

It was a LOVELY evening and I’m so happy to be able to call my self “Dama Confrare de Merit”! And I promise to do my very best to live up to it. And as soon as I get my gigantic diploma sent home to me, I’ll frame it and put it on the wall.

A very big thank you to all my wonderful cava friends that made the evening unforgettable! You know who you are, and you know we lover you!

PS: The Roca brothers of “celler de Can Roca” (you know the elected best restaurant in the world 2013) was there too, and received an honorary title. Its the three men in the green capes in the first photo, if you don’t recognise them. 😉

PS2: I’ll post more pictures on facebook if you are interested.


Some links for you!

Cal Feru is Cava heaven!!

I just love Cal Feru in Sant Saduní d’Anoia!
Just when you go of the train, walk down the road and across the bridge it will be on your right.

Go there if you have the chance!

And of course you can buy the English version of the cava book here. 🙂


Castell Sant Antoni is like coming home!

oldcavaWe have met Pere at Castell Sant Antoni only once before, but it still feels like seeing an old friend when he drives up to meet us, outside his office in Sant Sadurní.

Castell Sant Antoni is probably the youngest Cava house here in the Penedès. But it definitely has a bright future, because when we see Pere this time he is practically glowing! His son has declared that he wants to go in his fathers footsteps and has started to study to become an enolog. It is fantastic news and we are looking forward to seeing what son and father will come up with together in the future! One thing that is sure is that we will be able to find Castell Sant Antoni’s Cavas in many countries in the future, because Pere is flying back and forth and already he is exporting to several states in the US, Switzerland, Denmark, Mexico and soon Sweden. It would make us so happy to find Pere’s cavas in Sweden!
thecoupleThe family company only makes about 80 000 bottles a year and are slowly expanding. In 2015 they will have 15 hectars of their own, but will still have a close collaboration with some of their friends that grow parts of the grapes they need. Macabeu, Xarel.lo, Parellada and Chardonnay are what they use mostly in the cupage, and Pere admits that Xarel.lo is his favourite grape.



Sitting in the family´s little “wine house” up among the vine yards together with Pere and his wonderful wife Ángels is truly amazing, and while the sun sets over Penedés we talk about Peres cavas and eat great tapas that Àngels has put together and we never want to leave!

Thank you so much Pere and Àngels for a wonderful time! See you on Friday in Cavatast!




Parés Baltà; now totally biodynamic!

skyltThe morning of the 25th we took the car to see our dear friends at Parés Baltà. Their white winery building is sticking up like a little pieces of heaven in the middle of the vine yards when we come driving.

fintskarevaLike many times before we take the big Toyota together with Barbara up to the high vine yards in the mountains. It looks the same although he roads are a bit more eroded and the road going up to the bees looks more like an dried up riverbed than a road. What is new though is the smell… the national park where the vines are situated are full with the sent of a flower that I recognize so well from the honey collected by the bees, and that I have long loved so much! It is like the air is standing still and that we are standing in the middle of a perfect cloud of flower scent and I just don’t want to leave. But after Andreas is done taking the pictures by the waterfall, I have to put my shoes back and get back up out of the clear water in which I have been standing.

litehost portarna

The vine yards up here are beautiful, and the Parellada has still not been picked so we can taste the grapes before we drive back to meet up with Joan and have lunch.

ripeWe have lunch at Cal Xim, where we have never been before and would never have found without help. A fantastic lunch with great company and we get the background of how Parés Baltà has gone from ecological farming to biodynamic.  From this harvest all the wines and cavas coming from the winery are biodynamic, and there is a lot of work behind this including work with herbs, animals and bugs and compost to make the biodiversity wider in the vine yards, which will make the vines stronger.


Me and Andréas have a lot to learn in this area, but one thing is clear. Barés Baltà makes wonderful Cavas and wine and we are so happy that we can find some of them in Sweden. Here you can find a list of what the monopoly has to offer.

Thank you so much Barbara and Joan of a wonderful visit once again!

barbara and Joan