If you are in to cava and also social media you might have seen the “1Day1Cava” campaign? Personally I love the idea of 1Day1Cava! Just imagine if you had time to get to know one cava a day. Then you’d have a pretty great overview in just one year. Not that you would know them all, but it would be a great start.
Personally I have had a thought of having one cava a week that I’d present, but I have not come as far yet. But soon very soon.

The 1Day1Cava campaign is launched by Institut del cava to promote and spread awareness about the producers and their beloved cavas.
The campaign will continue this January out and then I’ll guess we will see.

Here below are some pictures from the campaign and if you want to have a look in social media just use the hashtag #1Day1Cava