The first guided cava and Penedès group.

Our first guided group have today reached their fourth and last day of the trip. It has really been wonderful and we have been able to show them some of our favourite places here in the Penedès. We have enjoyed local food cooked with elegance and care, paired with some of the really great wines and cavas from the small producers of the region.

To give you a glimse of what we have been up to you have a look at the below pictures and I can also recommend you to have a look at CavaTV posted this week, where Ramón shows us how to disgorge a bottle of cava by hand.

Everything has been going so well and we have received so much positive feedback so we are actually already planning our next tour for cavaTast (the cava festival), the first weekend of October. So if you are interested, keep an eye out here on the blog and also on the Facebook page and Instagram for more information. Or if you have questions you can always e-mail me at

A perfect visit at the chocolatiers Simón Cóll, and welcomed by Maria Cóll outside.
Photo opertunity outside the visitors center.
The two best things about Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, chocolate and cava.
Visit at Giró i Giró. Great cava and fantastisc caps!
Visit at Giró i Giró. Great cava and fantastisc caps!
Grandalla getting their lables by hand.
Grandalla getting their lables by hand.
Tasting a newly degorged bottle of cava, is not every day!
Tasting a newly degorged bottle of cava, is not every day!
Tasting with Ramón, going through his wonderfull portfolio.
Tasting with Ramón, going through his wonderfull portfolio.
Wonderful dinner with tapas to start and Paella for main.
Wonderful dinner with tapas to start and Paella for main. Someone liked it very much.
The second paella of the night, chicken and butifarra. Really great!
The second paella of the night, chicken and butifarra. Really great!
The paper lights. Everything is in the details.

This last day we have done a walk through the vineyards ending up at Parés Baltà, driving up in the montain vineyards with papa Cusiné. A really wonderful stay and tasting!

Florian taking us through the vineyards towards Parés Baltà.

IMG_2153 IMG_2377

Picknick half way with wonderful sandwiches, fruit and soup! About one hours rest before the next “leg” towards Parés Baltà.

This way!
Great food!
Veronica and Florian, our fantastic guides that take care of everything we might ever need!


Reaching Parés Baltà and going on a wonderful tour and tasting, with Mr Joan Cusiné and Silvia!

Mr Cusiné has such a fantastic way of talking about his vines, and the mountain vineyards are the most amazing place to go!
Papa Joan Cusiné and Silvia hosting our tasting.IMG_2183

Happy vines give good wines and happy people! Everyone was really happy so the vines must have been too.

Cal Ruget

Thank you so much to our first group  for coming! It has really been a pleasure to show you the area, and these four days has really just flown by! We hope to see you all back here in the Penedès soon again!






Two of our wonderful days

Two days with our friends F & A who has come down from Sweden and spent time with us and to experiance the area. Nice visits, food and wine has really been our focus.

Enjoying the sun before the day begins for real!

We started off with visiting Clos Lentiscus, which is situated between Vilafranca and Vila Nova, in the Garaff montains. Manel and his brother make around fourteen wines, both still and sparkling. They are all very special and they use the local grapes that are used within the DO Penedés, as well as some newer grapes.

the range.

We took a bit of a walk through the estate, while talking to Manel and geting a lot of info about the place.
Clos Lentiscus age some Xarel.lo in amforae.
Andreas thought that the sign in the tasting room was the weisest things he had ever red.
Some of the caps were designed/drawn by Manels daughter. Very personal and very nice!
A Xarel.lo, a Sumoll and a syrah sparkling. All very special indeed.

The in the afternoon we visited Vila Delops who make only still wine, Also situated in the Garraf we did not have to travle long. The village was very small and alot of hisotory was surrounding the place. really wonderful!

historic watch tower

Andréas in the watch tower.

Andréas in the watch tower.

On the Saturday we went to the chocolate factory Simón Cóll for a visit and it was as good as always. i really LOVE their interactive visit and really enjoy to take the friends there. And you get the opertunity not only to learn really alot about chocolate, but also get the chence to try alot of different chocolate.

interactive visit at Simón Cóll
A quick visit to the best cava and wine shop in Sant Sadurní! Cal Feru!

IMG_0345The best Saturday involves great friends, cava and BBQ! This Saturday luckily did when we were invited and could spend some winderful hours in the sun, with great food and bubbles.

After that we wnet home and had a great dinner at Cal ruget while dreaming about the house we want to buy! Hopfully we will soon be half recidence here!


Finally back at our second home in Penedès

Finally being back here in Catalonia is really fantastic. To celebrate we went to Sitges after a short meeting at Freixenet, regarding the book. The sun was shining and after a walk along the blue water, we had a fantastic lunch with Paella and some Kripta. Pure luxury, but we were both agreed on that it was the right thing to start the vacation with a bang!
What is interesting is that a bottle of Kripta (which is a FANTASTIC real cult cava) cost about 45 € here, and for that price in Sweden you would basically get “the house wine”, when going to a restaurant. So it is really easy to spoil oneselfe going out to eat here.

But as you know pictures say more than thousand words!


This is where we stay.
out and about in the garden
artichoces for dinner?
artichoces for dinner?
The big house
The big house
24 C in the pool!
24 C in the pool!
Fresh eggs in the morning!
Fresh eggs in the morning!
Roses every where!
Roses every where!

This is our second home and Florian and Veronica are always taking such good care of us! So now we have until Sunday to relax some, with some friends coming on the weekend. But on Sunday our first group arrives for a four day guided tour with visits at wine producers, walks in the vineyards and fantastic food and cava. We are so excited!
(We are staying at CalRuget Bio Hotel)

Great paella is really a fantastic dish!
Great paella is really a fantastic dish!
Kripta for lunch is a rare treat!
Kripta for lunch is a rare treat!


After a great lunch came a great dinner with four courses, all cooked by Florian. Gaspacho, then sallads from the garden, fried Lamb and  at the end mandarine sorbet for dessert! Yummy!

A great snack before dinner and cava from Mas Comtal!
A great snack before dinner and cava from Mas Comtal!
A sallad from the garden, really to die for!
A sallad from the garden, really to die for!








Maria Montazami’s own Cava makes life more “Hollywood”!


Maria Montazami, främst känd från serien ”Svenska Hollywoodfruar” är verkligen en kvinna med många projekt. Hennes stora engagemang, vänlighet och aldrig sinande intresse för sina medmänniskor har gjort henne omåttligt populär i Sverige. Så det var med stor glädje och nyfikenhet jag fick möjlighet att intervjua Maria över telefon, angående den Cava som ingår i hennes Wine collection. Denna portfölj innehåller förutom cava, en chardonnay och en zinfandel båda från Kalifornien, en shiraz från Sydafrika samt en rosé från Frankrike. Samtliga släppta genom Fondberg.

 -Du har ju designat både väskor och smycken, men hur kom du på att du ville ha en egen vin range?
Jag samlar på vinglas och det var så allting började. Det föll sig så naturligt eftersom jag älskar livet, partys och så. Så när jag fick kontakt med Fondberg så kändes det jätteroligt.
Här där jag bor i Orange County så är det en annan livsstil med värme och brunch och lite bubblor till lunch är fantastiskt. Det är ju alltid mer festligt med ett glas cava eller champagne.  

-Hur gick dina tankar när du skulle välja typ av mousserande vin, det finns ju så många stilar, prosecco, cava, champagne och sparkling.
Vi ville hålla en viss prisrange, för jag vill att det skall vara gott och att alla skall ha råd. Hanna (Marias dotter) hade just kommit hem från Barcelona och upptäckt cava och sa ”Oh my God mummy cava is the best!” Så det kändes jätte bra att välja en cava och vi provade ett antal cavor, för att hitta den rätta.

-Berätta lite om din  cava.
Jag tycker att om det skall bjudas på cava, så är min cava en perfect match, och jag litade på mina smaklökar. Vi gick ju igenom ett antal olika sorter från olika vinerier. Det är ju så roligt att prova, och jag sa verkligen ifrån tills jag tyckte att det blev rätt.
Det är ju så bra med provsmakningar när man inte ser vad det är man provar för då blir man inte lurad att påverkas av priset.

Har du själv varit i Penedés?
Jag har inte varit där ännu tyvärr utan jag litade på Fondbergs omdöme med de sorter som de redan tagit fram som förslag. Så då har jag det kvar. Hanna älskar Barcelona så vi får åka dit när tillfälle ges.

 -När tycker du att folk skall dricka din cava?
Jag tycker att min cava kan vara jätte bra som en kall välkomstdrink eller om man tar ett litet glas innan man går ut, tillsammans med ost och räkor, jordgubbar. Det skall alltid vara lite frukt till när man dricker cava, det är en jätte härlig kombination. Man kan också ta en cava till vilken celebration som helst.

-Finns det någon speciell mat du tycker passar till, eller skall man dricka den bara som den är?
Alla appetizer, skaldjur, fisk och lite lättare tapas. Den är väldigt god med oliver och allt som är festligt och plock. Det skall vara lätt att dricka cava och lätt att äta och inget man känner sig mätt av. Det fantastiska ”ploppet” när man öppnar en flaska är alltid början på en fantastisk kväll.

-Har du några nya projekt som är på gång?
Nu är klädeskollektionen på gång och jag har anställt mina två äldsta döttrar Hanna och Sara, så vi gör det här tillsammans och det är fantastiskt. Men vi måste bestämma allt och det är väldigt stressigt. Det är underbart att få skapa egna kläder och bli inspirerad av andra och göra sina egna små touches, så vi är supertaggade. Vi hoppas att vi kan ”launch” i början av juni så det är jättestressigt.

Hur kommer det sig att cavan inte har någon tassle?
Cavan vas så fin utan tassle så det behövde inte någon.

Marias cava är frisk och ung med mycket primärsmaker från druvorna som bygger upp den, nämligen de tre traditionella, xarel-lo, macabeu och parellada. Man finner mycket äpple, päron, och lite tropiskt, som persika i smaken.
Den är klassad som seco, men innehåller enligt uppgift bara 18 gram socker per liter, vilket gör den mycket torr i denna klass, som får innehålla mellan 17-32 gram per liter.
Bubblorna är många, pigga och trevliga.
Jag tycker personligen att det är en väldigt trevlig cava och inte alls så söt som jag trodde. Jag måste hålla med Maria om att detta är något som passar utmärkt att dricka när man startar upp kvällen, kanske innan man ger sig ut på stan.

Du som bor i Sverige och vill testa på Marias cava beställer den lätt via systembolagets hemsida, beställningsnummer 77081.

Stort tack för pratstunden Maria, det var verkligen trevligt.



Maria Montazami, mainly known from the series “Swedish Hollywood Wives” is really a woman with many projects. Her dedication, kindness and never ending interest in her fellow human beings has made her immensely popular in Sweden. So it was with great joy and curiosity I had the opportunity to interview Maria over the phone, regarding the Cava she has included in her wine collection. This portfolio contains except cava, a chardonnay and zinfandel both from California, a shiraz from South Africa and a rosé from France. All released through Fondberg.

-You’ve designed both handbags and jewelry, but how did you get the idea that you wanted to have your own wine range?
I collect wine glasses and that was how everything began. It was a natural thing really, because I love life and partys, so when I got in touch with Fondberg it felt like a great thing to do. Here where I live in Orange County, it’s a different lifestyle with great weather where you can have brunch in the sun, or a little bubbles at lunch, it is just amazing. It’s always more festive with a glass of cava or champagne.

-How did your thoughts go when you choose the type of sparkling wine? There are so many styles, prosecco, cava, champagne and sparkling.
We wanted to maintain a certain price range, but I wanted it to be good and still something that everyone could be able to afford. Hanna (Maria’s daughter) had just come home from Barcelona and discovered cava and said “Oh my God mummy cava is the best!”. So it felt really good to choose a cava and we tried a number of cavas, before we found the right one.

-Tell me a little about your cava.
I think that if you are going to have some bubbles, my cava is the perfect match, and I trusted my taste buds when I picked it out. We did go through a number of different cavas from different wineries. It’s so much fun to try wine, and I really spoke my mind until I thought we had found the right one. It’s so good with blind tastings, because you don’t have the lable or price to influence your opinion.

-Have you ever been to Penedès?
I have not been there yet, unfortunately, but I trusted Fondberg in their first selection of cavas they presented. So we still have to make that trip. Hanna loves Barcelona so we’ll go there when the opportunity arises.

-When do you think that people should drink your cava?
I think my cava can be really good as a cold appetizer, or if you take a small glass before going out, along with cheese and shrimp or strawberries. There should always be some fruit when you drink cava in my opinion, that is a great combination. You can also have it to any celebration!

-Is there any special foods you think goes well to it, or should we drink it just as it is?
All appetizer, seafood, fish and a little lighter tapas. It is very good with olives and everything that is festive and an easy bite. It should be easy to drink cava and easy to eat, and nothing that fills you up. That great sound when opening a bottle is always the beginning of a fantastic evening.

-Do you have any new projects coming up?
Now the clothes collection is coming up and I have employed my two oldest daughters, Hanna and Sara, so we’re in this together and it is fantastic. But we have to decide everything and it is very stressful. It is wonderful to create your own clothes and be inspired by others, but also to make your own touches. We are all super excited. We hope that we can launch in early June, so it’s really stressful.

How come the cava has no tassle?
The cava bottle was just so nice on it’s own so it did not need one.

Maria’s cava is fresh and young with primary flavors from the grapes that it is made from, namely the three traditional, Xarel-lo, Macabeu and Parellada. You will find  apple, pear, and some tropical fruits, as peach coming through.
It is classified as seco, but contains only 18 grams of sugar per liter, which makes it a very dry cava within this class, which may contain between 17-32 grams per liter.
The bubbles are numerous, lively and pleasant.
I personally think it’s a very nice cava and not as sweet as I thought. I have to agree with Maria that this is something that is perfect to drink when you start up the evening, perhaps before you go out and party.

If you live in Sweden and want to try Maria’s cava, you just order it easily through the Monopoly website, Order No. 77081.


Thank you so much Maria for the chat, it was really a pleasure!