A day for foodies and other lovers of life!

This Saturday we spent with other food and wine loving friends. We were chefs, food bloggers, crasy foodies, food stylists, photographers, authors, sommeliers, youtubers, (and others), who met up to fill a whole day with just food, wine and nerdy things that has to do with just those two things. We learned how to “style” food for pictures, cook absurdly nice desserts (and learning all the tricks to make it look advanced when its not), tried some extremely nice cavas and cooked more strange food. All this thanks to my friends who run the food blogg “glimten i grytan”. Me and Karin did a Cava TV episode about cava and swedish Semlor a while back). Here below you can see how the day developed in pictures.

Every one went abit “bananas” since we all got 20% off on everything. And “foodies” in a specialiced “kitchen appliance store”… well you can imagine.
Andréas and Ulrik were happy with their findings. Andréas boutgh a copper pot among other things…


Food styling with Liselotte Forslin and Ulrika Ekblom. Next time we write a book we will do it together with them. It will ba a “tapas and Cava” book. Andréas will do the reciep, I will write and they will do the rest. 🙂

IMG_2752 IMG_2750

Johan Hedberg aka “Matgeek” came and thought us so many good things! We also got the chance to buy his book about butter. I’m thrilled!
One of the two very nice desserts that we “made” with Johan. He also tought us a trick, how to always succed with our marangs!
Everyone ready for cava Mater class, with seven wonderfull cavas Gran Reserva. Cavas Hill, Vilarnau, Juvé y Camps, Castell d’Ange, Llopart, Gramona and Recaredo. Everyone were very excited and happy to be able to try such a great line up!



Cooking together with Kristoffer who is a professional chef (and ecpecially good in spanich food). We did three wonderful and very special dishes. Great fun and we learned so much!
Asparragus with pickled coltsfoot and rosted buckweat. Strange but so good.
“blood pancakes” with sour milk, rum and dill.

After this we went home and slept like loggs! But the day was amazing and we met so many new friends that have the same interests as we do. Hopfully we will all keep in contact through social media.
Thanks to everyone who particiapted and a million thanks to Karin and Ulrik who organised it all. AND a big thank you to all the producers who made the fantastic cavatasting possible!







CavaTV london episode is up!

Hi dear bubble lovers!

If you are not following me on twitter, instagram or Facebook, you might have missed that the new CavaTV episode is up. This time I have been to London with my girls!
I bought som cava at Marks & Spencer´s, and if you want to find out how it was you can click here!

IMG_2600 Starting out with lunch at Ponit’s italian kitchen! Really nice food and so good with a glass of wine to start off the “girls weekend”!











On our way to Camino and Copa the cava and of course I have my wonderful Wearing memories ring with me, and this time a cap from Raventós i Blanc’s De Nit, which is one of my many favorites. IMG_2616








So great to finally visit Copa de Cava and Camino. It was a really great night with fantastic food and cava from Gramona.





IMG_2621Richard who owns and runs Copa the cava took the time to see us and treated us to a couple of glasses of cava before dinner. Great to chitchat with another cava lover. IMG_2654




I also had the time to take a walk in Hyde Park. I have always loved these kind of english benches with inscriptions on the back. i think I have to buy one for our garden at home. IMG_2660



This gang was out riding their bikes all dressed up in tweed. Apparently they were a part of the annual “tweed run”. Personally I LOVE tweed and thought this was a great idea!IMG_2675




At the afternoon tea we went to they had wonderful marmalade with short captions on the inside of the lids. It made us all so happy. So all in all a great weekend with shopping, food, wine, cava, great friends and fantastic weather! We will do it soon again!

London weekend and finally a visit at Camino

I’m back now. Back in Sweden. Back at home with Baby E and Andréas and all is as it should be.
It has been a great weekend with the girls and we have had both great food and wine, a fair deal of shopping but also great walks in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. We were lucky with the weather too and had sunny warm days. The best thing though all categories was the fact that I could finally visit Camino and Copa de Cava and also meet Richard who runs them and his amazing staff.

IMG_2616We met up with Richard at Camino Blackfriars, where Copa de Cava is in the basement. Unfortunately we got a bit lost on the way there and were twenty minutes late. But Richard did not seem to mind and welcomed us with open arms.
Camino is really a very nice place. Its that type of restaurant where you can feel at home and where the team really makes you feel comfortable. I just love that, when you feel right at home and welcome, and we sure did. Since it was Friday they had a DJ and the feeling was very much one of “here comes the weekend”.
Down at Copa de Cava there was a private party, but we tip toed down and took small part of the bar in use, since Richard wanted to treat us to some cava. The wonderful Gramona Gran Reserva made us all in an even better mood and I had the chance to ask Richard about the restaurants and all the ideas he has. It is just so nice to meet other people who are passionate about what they do and especially when it involves cava. IMG_2620IMG_2628After a visit at Copa, we went upstairs and had a wonderful dinner and more Cava before we took the subway home to the hotel while chitchatting away about all the wonderful food and bubbles we had enjoyed.
Luckily for me, I’ll be back in London the first weekend in July with Andréas, since we are attending a wedding, so then we will make time to visit Camino again! Until then I just want to give my warmest hugs to the team at Camino, who took so great care of us! Hope to see you all soon again!

Unfortunately I could not interview Richard this time for CavaTV, since it was alit too noisy. But I promise to try in July!

If you want to read more about Camino or Copa de cava you will find them on Twitter: @CaminoLondon @CopadeCava or Instagram CopadeCava or Camino. And you will of course find a lot of info on their website Camino.co.uk or at cava.co.uk. If you are planing a trip to London this is just a HAVE-TO-GO-TO-PLACE!

Skärmavbild 2015-04-16 kl. 19.53.19 - version 2

I’m off to London so no Cava TV tonight

Tomorrow very early, me and my girls are off to London for a weekend of good food, wine and a bit of shopping (I would presume…). It will be my first weekend off on my own since baby E arrived, and I’m excited beyond words!!

One more great thing with this trip is that I will FINALY visit Camino/Copa De Cava and its owner Richard Bigg. I have been following what he and his team has been up to for the last two years and also told Richard that “soon” I’ll be coming over. But now finally I will visit London’s best Cava bar and Spanish restaurant and see it with my own eyes. Of course I will bring my girls for a full night out with Cava at the table!

This is also the reason why I have not posted any episode for CavaTV today (Sorry about that). Because I’m honestly to busy with baby E and getting everything ready for the trip. And I promise I will try to do a Cava Vlog of this weekend.

So lets see what London brings when it comes to bubbles!

If you don’t want to wait until next week to see what I find and how things are going, just follow me on Twitter, TheCavaLady!!