Review of “The Cava Queen” by Amanda Meheux

I was going to find a picture of the cover and found this trailer. Surprising end I must say, or if you have red the book…. Maybe not. 😉

I came in contact with Amanda when I started to use my alias “The Cava Lady”, and she asked me if I wanted to read the book she had writen. Of course I wanted to!! It just took me a while to get around to it. But now last week when we had some vacation, I did bring my ipad and red it through Kindel, it’s just so easy AND you can read in a dark room when a baby is sleeping next to you! Superb!

Anyhow about the book… after spending a lot of time in Penedés, even though I have only been to Sitges (where the book is set) a few times, I just feel at home in some way, which I like.
In this very fun and warm novel, we follow Alexandra or “Alex”, from a grey depressing London to a sunny Sitges full of new friends and a totally new life. I won’t give it away, but I can tell you that she goes through a fair deal of things that just makes you laugh and warms your heart. I just wanted to go on reading although I was sleep deprived and really should sleep when the baby does. But so it goes.

Now I just have one question… have you written anything else Amanda? And as I can read on her home page, she is writing on something new. I’m glad!

My advise to you is to visit Amanda’s home page, there you have all the info you need!

cava queen

The difficulty of being creative and interesting

I have realized that it is much harder to be creative and come up with interesting things to film on CavaTV, that I can shoot in my kitchen… Everything will be so much easier when we go to Penedès and so much more fun to watch for you as well.

Not only is it hard to come up with subjects, its also very hard to transfer it over to film, and not being completely and totally boring! I really hope that you will stay tuned a little longer so I get the chance to practice. Because as they say, “practice makes perfect”….