A new bubbly magazine! Glass of bubbly

Dear bubble friends! Do I have happy news for you?!Maybe you already know about the glossy magazine from the UK that only focuses on bubbles, or you have missed this wonderful news.

C1nSmTdlI got in contact with the crew at Glass of bubbly trough Twitter, where they are very active indeed. But you will find them on Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest too if you are more into those social medias.
The magazine is just out with its third issue which you can order through their website, glassofbubbly.com, they ship it everywhere! Not only do they have this great glossy magazine that is perfect to cosy up with in a nice chair, a blanket and a glass of sparkling, they also have a great website that is full of great information. gob1If you are into cava, proseco, champagne or english sparkling does not matter, because they hae articles on all of it.

I’m extra happy to tell you that I am right now working on two articles for the forth issue, since I have been asked to cover cava for the magazine. I am of course very happy and honoured by this and will do my very best indeed. So if you have not all ready checked out the Glass of Bubbly website or their social media feed I really sugest you do!

Cheers and happy reading!

Gramona finally to the swedish monopoly!

Happy happy news for all us cava lovers living in Sweden! The 7th of November we will be able to buy Gramona Imperial 2008, through the Swedish monopoly. It will be an “exclusive launch”, which means that you will only be able to buy it from the shelf at a selected few stores (Like Regeringsgatan/Passagen). But don’t worry if you don’t live in central Stockholm, because you can of course order it very easily to any systembolag store you want.

As I have understood the price will bGimperiale 199 SEK, which I think is a very good price indeed. The ordering number if you can’t go to the “exclusive stores”, is 90451.
Gramona Imperial is a splendid cava Gran Reserva brut, made from Xarel-lo 50%, Macabeo 40% and Chardonnay 10%, with a nice complexity of ripe fruits, nuts and bread. The bubbles are small and well integrated. If you have not tried it you should.


lustroThe good news does not stop there my friends! Also III Lustros 2006 will be available one way or the other from 1st December on. How the availability will be is a bit uncertain at the moment, but if not in an easier way you will at least be able to get it through “Private import” that is very easy. Keep an eye out for more information. I’ll let you know as soon as I can.


In the mean time I’ll leave you with some pictures from some of our visits at the Gramona winery.

IMG_6288.JPG _MG_9228 _MG_9280 IMG_8132 IMG_8161 IMG_8190 IMG_9177 IMG_9180 IMG_9290