A fantastic lunch with Cava friends and new Cava lovers

Today I had the pleasure to be invited to Mischa Billing, (one of Sweden’s most respected wine critics) who hosted a fantastic lunch at her home together with our mutual friend Ton from the Cava house Recaredo.

Ton had brought both his still Xarel.lo wines and many of his Cavas for the guests to try. My Favourite Tudó D’en Mota was among them, and this time the 2001 vintage.

IMG_1160Recaredo is a certified biodynamic producer and focuses on the local grapes, that all come from their own vineyards. With a total focus on quality they pick all grapes by hand and age all Cavas with cork. The ageing is usually very long and no bottle can leave the cellar unless it has had a minimum of 30 months on the lees.
The styles are all Brut nature, so no additional sugar is added. But the flavours are very rich and full, and don’t seem to need anything that eventual sugar can ad. They are perfect just as they are.

There is no secret that I’m extremely fond of all Cavas from Recaredo. And now when the sun and spring is also coming to Sweden I’m really longing for some Recaredo Rosé.

IMG_1161      IMG_1163

For you who live in Sweden, I can happily tell you that you can find some of Recaredo’s Cavas at the Monopoly in the special ordering segment. Just search/ask for Recaredo. If you want to come in contact with their importer, you can find Invinitum here. And you can also order directly from them.

Thank you Mischa and Ton for a wonderful lunch!

Cava on the Swedish radio

In January and yesterday we could hear some talk about Cava on the Swedish radio.I’m not always happy with their attitude and sometimes they cant get their facts right. But I’m of course delighted that they recommend Cavas from the monopoly!

First out was Lotta Bromé and Carl-Jan Granqvist on the 17th of january, who talked briefly about how you make cava and also gave us two recommendations. Sadly Carl-Jan says that Cava is a “method” of making wine while Champagne is a region… Some people maight missunderstand that.

Here you can listen to the program. If you understand Swedish 🙂
They recommend:
Campo Viejo: nr 7782 at the monopoly for only 69 SEK
Segura viudas Brut Rose: nr 7779 at the monopoly only 75 SEK

Then we had Vin i P4 who talked about Cava on the 25th of April (yesterday), with Anna Nilsson as expert. A very nice short program in two parts, and the only thing I have to comment on is that Anna says that you can make Cava anywhere in Spain, and that it is not controlled in the same way as Champagne, which is wrong. But apart from that it is a very nice program indeed.

You can find it here.

The recommend:
Malvasia by Freixenet: nr 74222 at the monopoly for 149 SEK
Anna de Codorníu Brut (nr 7369) 89 SEK
Marqués de Monistrol Brut (nr 7710) 79 SEK

Well worth a listen if you have 10 minutes to spare!

CavaTast 2013 – The worlds most bubbly festival!

For three days in the beginning of October every year, the capital of Cava, Sant Sadurní D’Anoia celebrate the locally produced bubbles that have become world famous. It is a festival that has a total focus on everything that concerns Cava.

2012 was the first time I had the pleasure to visit Cavatast, and it is without a doubt the best and most fantastic festival I have ever visited.

During the three days there are many activities that the visitors can enjoy. Among these, seminars and tastings hosted by Cava producers and sommeliers with different topics, most held at La Fassina de can Guineu, or the Cava museum as it is also called. Most (if not all) of these events are free for the visitors. But a big part of the festivities is of course the fantastic chance to try Cava from all the producers that put up tents along one of Sant Sadurní’s streets. An absolute unique chance to try Cava and meet the winemakers that know everything about these heavenly bubbles!

On the main evening of the festival, there is the coronation of the The Cava Queen, which is a new lady every year, and it is a very nice event with local traditions.

For me, who don’t yet speak Spanish (I know it is terrible), I had to rely on my friends who do, since the information last year was in English. But this year I have been told that there will be information in English both at the event and on the website. There is really not a problem since most people at the festival speak English and are more than happy to help.

I so much look forward to visiting Cavatast again this year, and getting the chance to meet more producers and try their fantastic products. And I of course hope to see you there!

If you want more information about the event you can contact. The tourist information in Penedès or the official website of Cavatast.

If you want to see how my visit was last year you can have a look at these blog posts below.



Hope to see you at Cavatast 2013!
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Forcing spring and Happy Friday Cava!

 sippor I know that I’m going on and on about the spring that is just not coming. But now it is close, so close.

The sun has been shining for over a week now, but since it is still cold the snow just does not want to go away.
But I found these small flowers on a sunny slope this afternoon while walking the dog. So there is hope!

But there is more one can do to get that spring feeling. For example hacking up all the ice and snow on the porch, so it will melt faster in the sun, and plant seeds. I have done both. And I’m so happy that my small geraniums are doing alright. pelargonAnd more things are to come and this summer I will have both flowers and herbs and vegetables that are all home grown!
But the final and most important way of forcing and enhancing the feeling of spring is after all Rosé Cava! So this afternoon I put a very nice and fruity bottle from Valformosa on ice (literaly as you can see).
And now when I’m done writng this I’ll pop the cork together with my darling husband.

I can highly recommend Valformosas Rosé, because it will make anyone happy. Based on Granacha and Monastrell it has that fantastic fruity, meditarainian style that is to die for!
Next time you are close to Villafranca, you should really take the time to visit them. Situated just 5 minutes outside the city centre.

This is my Friday tip to you…
Take someone you love and share something nice with them, a glass of cava, some food, a hug, a nice memory from the spring last, and you’ll see that you will get that warm spring feeling.

                                                                 Happy Friday!