The Cava queen and the Saturday evening of Cavatast

The Saturday at Cavatast was absolutely great. First with the book presentation and then with Cava at the producers stands, a fantastic lunch at CalBlay with our new friends Lars and Lisbeth from Denmark and Nico James. And then off to the coronation of the new Cava queen.

The afternoon began with a tasting held by Mascaró, with their Cavas and distilled products. All very exciting and unique, indeed!

Here visiting Cavatast, and it was great to see our friend Toni at Freixenet again. We also tried some rosado at Valformosa who we definitely need to visit soon.

Getting ready for the coronation of the Cava Queen and discussing tactics with the Major of Sant Sadurní and the Chief of Tourism and Trade. Everything seemed to be planed to perfection.

Reception for the Cava queen, who this year was Mireia Belmonte born and bread in Catalonia, who won two silver medals in this summer Olympics. One in 200 m butterfly and 800 m freestyle. It was a fantastic reception with great food and Cava, and the queen was of course extremely popular and I was happy enough to be able to steal some seconds with her.


Presentation on the Cava book

It was a great pleasure to present the book in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, and especially on the second day of Cavatast when the energy was up high and everyone was in “Cava mood”. I could not be happier with the response and the support from everyone present. And I had the opportunity and privileged to meet so many fantastic Cava lovers.

Getting ready for the presentation that was directly translated by my fantastic friend Maria del Mar, chief of Institut del Cava. It was a challenge for us sine we had to break everything up in short sections.

The fantastic ladies Eva (Vilarnau) and Gloria (Segura Viudas & Freixenet) who have both helped me extremely much. I owe them all my thanks and I was so glad to see them at the release.

Pictures and people during the presentation.

Cava girls that love their bubbles!

I was more than happy to sign books fore everyone who wanted and I met so many nice Cava lovers. All in all a very happy day with lots of new friends and a great many new ideas.

Cavatast Friday!

I love it here!! Cava, fantastic food, friendly people and great atmosphere. Next year we will be bringing some friends to experience this too. A festival where the only thing you can drink is Cava! Fantastic!

The participants in Cavatast are the following:

Agusti Torelló Mata, Alsina Sardà, Bertha, Canals y Munné, Castell Peralada, Castellblanch, Castelo de pedregosa, Cava & Hotel Mas Tinell, Cellers Carol Vallès, Codorníu, Convides Vinyes, Cum Laude, El Xamfrà, Eduald Massana Noya, Fonpinet, Freixenet, Gramona, <heredad Segura viudas, Jaume Giró i Giró, Juvé y Camps, Llopart, Marquès de Gelida, Mascaró, Maset, Mont Marcal, Nadal, Naveran, Recaredo, Rimarts, Rosell Gallart, Sumarroca, Vallformosa, Vilarnau. 

Since I promised you pictures, here they are from the Friday events.

Opening of Cavatast that the New fantastic Cava museum in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia.

Mr Jep Bargallo (responsible for tourism and trade in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia), Mr Josep Maria Ribas (Major of Sant Sadurní) and Mr Javier de las Muelas (bartender and owner of Barcelonas famouse cocktail bar “Dry Martini”) Having the opening toast at the museeum.


Beautiful ceiling.







Our great friends at Giró i Giró having fantastic cava for tasting.

Apparently a “calm” Friday at Cavatast. But a great evening it was!

Me and Andréas and our two friends Rosó and Patrick had a great Happy Friday Cava, that is for sure!


We are finally here!

We got up really early this morning. At 4.15 to be precise and I must admit that I’m a bit tired now.

But all went well and we arrived safely in Sant Sadurni d’Anoia and have checked everything with our friends at Institut del Cava for tomorrows presentation so all should be ready. Then we drove up to Ca Solyerik where we are staying this weekend, and it was great to see Helena again, who runs this B&B.

Now it is just a matter of getting some rest before we drive back to Sant Sadurni for the grand opening of Cavatast at 6 pm tonight. It will be really great to see some producers and to celebrate Happy Friday in a proper way.


Hope you don’t forget to celebrate Happy Friday where ever you are.