Torelló, and more magnums than I have ever seen before!

Cavas Torelló is on the way from Sant Sadurní to Gelida. A very winding road that goes up, up and up, until you turn in to the Torelló estate and the road starts to go down again. The road up to the masia is one of the most beautiful I have seen in the Penedès, with olive trees and vineyards on both sides. To be honest the Torelló estate is a little bit of paradise.

Also the house is fantastic and you can really tell that the family has been taking care of it in the best of ways for a long time. So much history, and I especially fell in love with the chandelier in their hallway that was very old apparently.

Toni that showed me around is one of the brothers in the family, and they are all together running the company. Me and Toni actually met several times during Cava tast, my book presentation and the coronation of the Cava queen so it feels like we know each other all ready.

Walking through the winery with Toni I learning something new, because Torelló has a press that can press without oxygen ever touching the grapes. Because they fill the press with nitrogen gas! Apparently it works very well so they only use this technique since four or five years back. It is called Inertys .The cellars is absolutely wonderful and bottles stacked in rima everywhere, and everything by hand. Torelló only make reserva and gran reserva and all bottles are moved twice during the ageing time and shaken to reactivate the yeast. This procedure is called battonage and is very time consuming.  Torelló is very focused on Magnums which I love, and they actually have every cava within their portfolio available in magnum. But unfortunately we cant get them in Sweden.

They also make their brut nature gran reserva in jeroboam which I have not seen anywhere. Well of course I have seen cavas in that size before but I have never met a producer that actually has them in “every day production” if you know what I mean. Fantastically cool!
To control the pressure and see how the cavas develop is of course important and here three different once were being tested.

We of course also taste some cava, but since I already tried some at Cava tast (their brut nature and their rosé, which are both great), we focused on two of their cavas. Namely their Gran Torelló which is a Gran Reserva brut nature and aged minimum 48 months and contain the traditional grapes, and their 225 gran reserva, which has been aged on oak and then aged in bottle for minimum 30 months. Both fantastic, but I am a bit soft for oak cava I must admit.

If you want to have a look at Torelló’s website you will find it here. It is very good indeed and you will find all the information you need in English.

Thank you so much Toni for a wonderful visit! I will bring Andréas as soon as I can because I know that he would love Torelló.