Cavas Colomer…

has to be added to the list of houses I have now visited, and I really need to create such a list because it is starting to get a bit confusing now.

I had a wonderful visit this morning at Cavas Colomer with my friends Patrick and Rosó. And for a change we could just walk there since it is just at the bridge coming in to Sant Sadurní. We were shown around by Jordi who is one of the two sons in the Colomer family. It was a great visit and we also had the great opportunity to try some of his Cavas, which were very nice and with different personalities.  Even though I liked them all for their own style, I especially liked their “Er”, which was well rounded and full of flavour.Also my new friend Nico came by and joined the tasting which was great, so we all had some good discussions on cava.

Thanks a million to the Colomer family for receiving us, and hope to see you soon again!


Patrick, Nico, me and Jordi.