Now you can buy the book online!!!

Cava - Sparkling happinessCava - Sparkling happiness

After a very hectic weekend with release and all, we have now finally managed to get the book up on a webshop. But better is that you have several options to choose from! You can of course (preferably) buy it from me her on the website for the remarkble prize of 220 SEK, just klick “Buy the book” in the banner. Or you can buy them here at these web shops linked below. I must admit that I have not checked all webshops but I know these here below are good.

Just search “Anna Wallner”  278 SEK 243 SEK 299 SEK

If you are not living in Sweden I’ll recommend you to buy it from my website, since the publisher does not seem to have realized how to put it on Amazon.

Hope you buy it and hope you like it!

Cava - Sparkling happinessCava - Sparkling happiness

The #Happy_Friday_Cava of the year?

This passed Friday we had the book release, and after coming back to Stockholm on the Friday afternoon, having spent some work days in the south of Sweden, we had quite a lot to do. Luckily the books had arrived at the event location after some trouble with the shipping company, so we at least had something to show.

It took longer than we thought to set up the rooms and had to call in friends to help with fixing the refreshments, setting up tables, flowers and everything else. (Thank you so much all of you who helped!! ) But we made it in time and managed to get all the Cava loaded up in the fridge in the bar in time. Four producers, Freixenet, Codorníu, Vilarnau and Recaredo, who all have products available at the special ordering section at monopoly here in Sweden, had most kindly contributed with Cava. I wanted to try to get the guests to try something else that they could easily order to spread their interest a little wider.

When the guests arrived I held a little speech about the book,the ideas and the people I had not been able to do without during the process and what the evening had in store with the Cava available to try and what is special about these houses. Then started the signing of the books, answering questions about the Cava the guests were trying and welcoming more friends and their friends coming late.

During the evening we had about 100 people enjoying fantastic Cava and the response was great! People were so positive and everyone found a favourite among the bubbles. Many guests also admitted that they often buy Cava but do not know much about it, so now they were so happy to be able to learn more. And to my delight quite a lot of guests asked me about good places to stay and visit when going to Penedés, since they thought the pictures we showed during the evening  was so inspiring.

A fantastic evening with so much positive energy that I’m glad to have been able to spread to at least hundred people.

Thank you so much everyone who contributed to a fantastic evening! And thank you Freixinet, Codorníu, Recaredo and Vilarnau for making such fantastic Cava that people just love for their own differences and qualities!

More pictures are coming soon I hope.