Translating takes time

I can’t understand why I’m so tired. On a Sunday evening after a lovely last weekend out with the sailing boat, I think I would have more energy, but no. Maybe it is because of the autumn that has arrived now. So depressing, we did not even get a summer up here in the north, just rain rain rain.

While Andréas is packing down the sails, ropes and everything else that will be stored until next year, I have packed up and signed books that will be sent off tomorrow and now I have to continue with the translation. But I’m just not getting anywhere and I have to have the manuscript ready for the publisher on the 1st of October. It is not long until then, and especially not when I’m working full time and have other things planed many evenings and weekends up until then. But I should not complain. I’m looking forward to the Swedish version and it will be fantastic to spread it among the Swedes just before Christmas.

But just today I have no energy at all. But I’ll do one chapter and then Andréas has promised me to cook mexican food for dinner. Lucky me!!