Books all over!

It has been a bit messy since the release on Friday. Not messy as you have in the kitchen, (even though we do have that problem too…), no more like trying to get some kind of structure in the preorders that has come in on e-mail, Facebook, twitter and by phone and text message. It is easier said and done to be frank. But luckily for me I have the best husband ever, who has been sitting two full days trying to bring some kind of order in the chaos. And I think that he has actually managed.

BUT…. if you feel that you are one of them that did preorder a book and have not received it by the end of next week, drop me a line so I can check up on things.

AND… If you are one of them that have not yet ordered a book, well then I have only one thing to say… Get to it!! 😉
(Just one klick away on this very site!)