Book release in Spain

It is close now! Less then two weeks until we are on a plane back to fantastic Penedès. How Andreas and I long for it! First Cavatast the first weekend and then a week driving around visiting the producers and delivering the books. Pure enjoyment!

On the Saturday of Cavatast (the 6th of October) at 11.00 o’clock we will have the book release/presentation at the new Cava museum in Sant Sadurni d’Anoia. Since I still do not know any Spanish, I will hold my speach in English with my fantastic friend Patrick translating in to Spanish or Catalan (I don’t know which). I will learn Spanish though, but there has been no time this year with everything going on.
Anyhow, if you are in the neighbourhood please come to the release. And if you want to come you might be safest if you send me a message on Fb, Twitter or mail, so I can inform Institute del Cava who are fixing with the invitations.

I’m also happy to let you know that if all goes as planed we will post some videos on the blog during this stay,  so you can see and hear what we are up to. So for you who can’t visit Cavatast, you might at least get an idea of what is going on.



The Spanish wine day in Stockholm

It was a great day at Grand hotel on Monday with the Spanish wine day arranged by the ICEX here in Sweden.

I had the chance to present my book and also the great honour to host a Cava tasting with some great Cavas.

Sweden is more and more getting the “hang of things” and many have actually understood that all sparkling wines cant be compared. And since the interest in wine in general is so large here in Sweden people are quick to learn (when they want to).
During the presentation about Cava I had the opportunity to talk a bit about the region, and what makes Cava special. And then of course share information about the houses we were tasting and talk a bit about their philosophies and focus areas.

The response was very positive and many of the participants were sad about the fact that 3 out of 5 Cavas at the tasting are not avalible in Sweden yet. But on the other hand they got a new reason for visiting Penedès!

I hope to receive some more pictures from the tasting soon and will of course post them then.

(You can see below what Cavas we tried from Gramona, Mestres, Juvé y Camps, Recaredo and Marques de Monistrol)


The Spanish wine day in Stockholm

This Monday is a big day and all of you living near enough to Stockholm should come!

The Spanish wine days are held at Grand Hotel Stockholm this year and at 18.00 you will be able to taste some fantastic cavas from the houses:

Juvé y Camps

I will host the tasting, and during 45 minutes you will be able to try four fantastic Cavas, and you will of course also get a lot of information about these houses and Cava in general.

The day is open from 11 for people in the wine trade and journalists, while the normal consumers are welcome between 17.30 and 19.30

More information about the day you will find here
And booking tickets you do here
A place at the seminar you book at the following address

I hope to see you there!


And YES I will bring the book so you can come buy and buy one. 😉

Translating takes time

I can’t understand why I’m so tired. On a Sunday evening after a lovely last weekend out with the sailing boat, I think I would have more energy, but no. Maybe it is because of the autumn that has arrived now. So depressing, we did not even get a summer up here in the north, just rain rain rain.

While Andréas is packing down the sails, ropes and everything else that will be stored until next year, I have packed up and signed books that will be sent off tomorrow and now I have to continue with the translation. But I’m just not getting anywhere and I have to have the manuscript ready for the publisher on the 1st of October. It is not long until then, and especially not when I’m working full time and have other things planed many evenings and weekends up until then. But I should not complain. I’m looking forward to the Swedish version and it will be fantastic to spread it among the Swedes just before Christmas.

But just today I have no energy at all. But I’ll do one chapter and then Andréas has promised me to cook mexican food for dinner. Lucky me!!

Books all over!

It has been a bit messy since the release on Friday. Not messy as you have in the kitchen, (even though we do have that problem too…), no more like trying to get some kind of structure in the preorders that has come in on e-mail, Facebook, twitter and by phone and text message. It is easier said and done to be frank. But luckily for me I have the best husband ever, who has been sitting two full days trying to bring some kind of order in the chaos. And I think that he has actually managed.

BUT…. if you feel that you are one of them that did preorder a book and have not received it by the end of next week, drop me a line so I can check up on things.

AND… If you are one of them that have not yet ordered a book, well then I have only one thing to say… Get to it!! 😉
(Just one klick away on this very site!)