Busy busy. So many things and so little time!

I just don’t get it, where does all my time go?
Of course I work full time and then I have the book coming out and a lot of things to fix around that, and on top of everything I have a house and a small garden to take care of and wonderful friends and a family I want to spend time with! 24 hours on a day is just not enough and I wish I could fill in some application to apply for some more hours. But I am really not complaining because I have a wonderful life.

To get you all up to speed with how things are moving along with the book, I’m happy to announce that it is scheduled to arrive on my doorstep the last week of August, and I am so excited I could die. That same week on the 31st of August I welcome all of you who are in or close to Uppsala (Sweden) to come to the official Swedish book-release. There will be books and the opportunity to taste some Cava’s that are only available on our special ordering section at the monopoly. It will be a great #Happy_Friday_Cava event with full focus on these fantastic bubbles and some of the fantastic producers!

In September I will be hosting a Cava tasting during the “Spanish wine days” at Grand Hotel in Stockholm and it will be open for the public. I am doing this together with Institute del Cava and the Spanish board of commerce here in Sweden (ICEX). I will bring my book of course, so if you cant come to Uppsala you have a second chance to get a sighed ex.

In october 7-9th I’ll be in Sant Sadurni d’Anoia during Cavatast to distribute the book, and hopefully we will have the official Spanish book release. But I am still awaiting Institute del Cava’s decision regarding this, and they are right now enjoying some well deserved vacation.

And then I have some new plans until x-mas. So you see, I’m keeping my self busy!

In the spring, me and my lovely husband Andréas will start on the next Cava book. So stay tuned!