Recaredo finally to Sweden!!

Yesterday I got the best of news!
Recaredo, one of my favourite houses, will from the 1st of August be available at the Swedish monopoly! I’m so happy I could die!!

As many of you know Sweden has a stately monopoly on alcohol, which makes the market very rigid. We have during a very long time been swamped with Champagne and have over 700 different once to chose from, while other sparkling wines has been of the cheaper kinds between 5-11 Euros. But now the winds are hopefully changing.

The Cava from Recaredo available from the 1st of August is:
Cava Recaredo Brut Nature 2006 Gran Reserva

And for you Swedes you need to keep this ordering number in mind: Artnr: 77697-09. The price is set to 195 SEK which is a crazy good price!! Seriously fantastic price!

I recommend all you Swedes that like good Cava to go in and place an order on the 1st of August. I know that I will!!


About Recaredo
Recaredo is the first house in Penedès to be biodynamically certified, and work very close to nature, making their own compost and creating their own pesticides from dried herbs that they grow on their lands. They also have a very cute horse called Bru (means Brown) that help to plough the fields and vineyards.
Recaredo are very focused on craftsmanship and long ageing. Everything is done by hand from the stacking to disgorgment and corking.
I find that all of their Cavas have a roundness that is most delicate, with all the flavours that only develop over time. And it can also be mentioned that they mostly use the traditional grapes.

If you want to have more info about Recaredo I recomend you to have a look at their website.

Here are some pictures from my visits at Recaredo the last year.

Last minute fixing

On Friday is the day when the book goes to print. As I have waited!

I’m more excited than I could ever explain, as I’m sure you understand.
Now I’m only waiting for my fantastic layout guy to fit the back text on the book and chose one or several pictures, and then it is all done!

By chance I have planed a Cava tasting at home in Uppsala, and as of now we will be 16 happy people, tasting Cava and enjoying some BBQ together. And now we have an other reason to celebrate!


We’ll see if any of these pictures of me will be on the back of the book



Lay out almost done!

I’m sorry for being so absent but my mind has been elsewhere.

The reason for that is the book, and now it is almost done. The layout only misses two pictures (since the once we planed were to small), and to night I’m doing the last proof reading. It will be great and very much like I imagined it.

I could not have done it alone though, because this last period has taken so much energy and last minute alteration, and without my fantastic friend Frida who has taken so many great last minute pictures, and my new friend Micke who has helped me with designing the cover, I would not have made it. Or the book would not have been as good anyway.

Here is the first lay out of the cover and some of Frida’s pictures that I just love!
Enjoy and stay tuned because you’ll soon get more updates!