Pictures from Llopart & Juv茅 y Camps

I know that many of you like pictures and a picture does say more than a thousand words. 馃檪

Green harvest at Llopart



Great view over Montserrat


Beautiful vine yards at Llopart


The head of the house in Llopart
All is all right at the Juv茅 i Camps vine yards


The vines that I pruned in January survived!


All is all rightPaul the car loves the vine yards


Learning about green pruning at Llopart
Green pruning at Llopart


Swedish wine is not for me but I like Juv茅 i Camps very much

The mornings first visit at Mascar贸 a producer with many talents!

We have had a great morning at Mascar贸 with Montserrat. A very special Cava producer with a main focus on Parellada which I thought was very exciting. Not only do they have their own cavas and wines, they also have their own distillery and make great brandies and other spirits, which we had the honor to try.

Cava from 1992
Mascar贸's fantastic "lion man"

We had the chance to try must, cava and distilled wine, all made on the parellada grape. A great experience and we really could tell the character all through the tasting. Fantastic.
We also had the great pleasure to taste a cava from 1992, made on 100% Parellada. It was a great experience and the Cava had a very rich aroma with raisins, marzipan, honey and all those ripe flavors you get in well aged Cavas, but in a very much more concentrated way. The acidity was sill there and it still had a pleasant composition, and very much still alive. The oldest Cava I have ever tasted by far!
I’m also very impressed with Mascar贸’s labels and design in general. The “lion man” that is their signature, both shows a fearless strength and still an elegance that is hard to comprehend.

Manual gyropaletts

Andr茅as of course took some great pictures as usual and I hope that we can use some of them in the book when we come home.

Me and Montserrat

If you get the dance to try Mascar贸’s Cavas I recommend you to take that opportunity, because they are quite special, with their elegance and power, just as their “lion man” indicates.

Thank you Montserrat for a wonderful visit!


Morning visit at Mestres

Today has been busy indeed, and it all started early with a great visit at Cava Mestres, a very small and artisan producer.
After a tour in the cellar we had the honor to taste the cavas in their portfolio and we all agreed that they were all lovely. I tasted my 聽first Cava aged in chestnut barrels, and liked it very much. I must say that Mestres has some very nice products, that carry a special touch. Everything is hand made and aged with cork instead of the more common crown cap. And most of their Cavas are quite old, which gives the nice body and roundness.

One of Mestres older posters

Mestres focuses mainly on the three traditional grapes, Macabeu, Xarel.lo and Parellada, which in my opinion carry the heart of the Pened猫s country. It is grapes that make up a very special style that is so characteristic for this region.

One of the strong sides of Cava that I often talk about during my tastings is the diversity. You have everything from completely dry to very sweet, and from more budget types of wine to the top expensive once. The choice is yours and you can always find a style you like. All Cavas and Cava houses help to make this selection the widest and best possible for us customers, and we should be grateful. There is so much to explore.

Tasting at Mestres
Marting Kajsa, Anna, Andr茅as and Josep

Mestres makes quite complex Cavas that, I would say, are very good “food Cavas” in general. They have a large body and a complexity that would work to many main courses that have a bit of “weight” to them, if you know what I mean.


A big thank you to the Mestres team who opened their arms and welcomed us so warmly. We all hope to see you soon again.

Today visit, tasting and lunch at Jaume Giro i Giro

1st of May and the sun is shining from a blue sky. A perfect day to learn more about a great Cava house, eat great BBQ, taste lovely Cava and make new friends. We could really not have had a better start of our week!

Ramon, head of the house, took time of his busy schedule to show us around and had a great and very thorough tasting of his great selection of Cavas. 聽My wonderful friend Ros贸 from Institut Del Cava and her fantastic husband was also with us and made the afternoon a great one.

My lovely husband also got the chance to disgorge a bottle of Cava, which he did perfectly, after a careful explanation from Ramon. And later we also had the chance to try the cava with the BBQ. A well done job I must say on both the winemaking and the disgorgement. 馃檪

An other great thing, apart form the lovely Cavas of course was the very smart temperature indicator that Ramon has started to ad on his back labels, so you know when the Cava is ready to drink. Very smart indeed!

I just love to sit and talk about Cava, taste different styles and just relax among friends. So I thought I’d share some pictures with you, since a picture says more than a thousand words. And I also want to recommend you to visit Ramon and his house Giro i Giro next time you are in Sant Sadurni d’Anoia.

And keep a look out, because Ramon will send me some history of the house so you will get some more background!