Preparing in excess for Happy Friday cava

Two of my very good friends here in Stockholm live just 100 meters from my parents. Although I’m at my parents quite often, I don’t see L and R half as much as I would like. But this evening we have a date!

L is a childhood friend of mine who is much wiser than me in so many aspects. Just one example is that she already in her teens fell in love with Barcelona and learned Spanish. (Clever clever girl!) And in Barcelona she found R!
R has also started to try to teach me Spanish, although our lessons are long over due now (I think our last lesson was in January). So I just think we need to start all over. But it is all good since Andréas now finally has come around and wants to learn Spanish too.

Tonight L and R asked me to cook beef wellington, since they have been longing for this but are a bit uncertain on how to cook it. And I am most happy to oblige. I love beef wellington!

Wellington in the making

So now I have prepared everything, and the Wellington is resting in the fridge, while wating to get its cover of puff pastry. It will be great I’m sure. After a few times of cooking this dish I have now learned how to make it quite well. One of the keys is to have a fillet that is evenly thick and max 1 kg. Otherwise it gets to big to handle and falls apart when you roll it in the puff pastry. If you want to try it yourself I suggest Gordon Ramsay’s receipt.

So to night we will have R’s tapas to start, together with Cava, of course! And then Wellington with roasted potatoes, garlic butter and a cream sauce. And to the Wellington more Cava!

First I think we will have Freixenet’s Trepat 2010, since I love this very pale rosé with it’s delicate fruit. And to the Wellington we will have Jaume Giró i Giró, gran Reserva 2005.

I think that it will be all wonderful! But the best of it all is that I’ll have a whole evening with my lovely husband Andréas and my fantastic friends L and R!


Happy Friday Cava! And hope that you have a bottle of Cava on ice to!