New experiences in Barcelona

crowded at Can paixano

Today we started with a visit at Sagrada familia, before we said good bye to our friend Kajsa who took the flight home. Gaudis incredible cathedral is truly breathtaking and this time was my first inside the church. (I ‘ll post some pictures later, since I have them on my phone.)
After this we took a walk down to the beach where we spent four hours, and got a bit burned, as the fair skinned swedes we are.

When we were done at the beach we started to walk up throughout the city again, and on the way stopped at Can Paixano, or La champagneria, as many people call it. A very crowded but nice place where you can buy Cava and sparkling wine by the glass and have a snack to go with it.
Can paixano is a very well known place, and the crowd is very international. You will hear at least 5 languages while your there.
We stayed half an hour and met two swedes, just by chance. We swedes just love Barcelona and we are everywhere to be found!
I also had the luck to meet the owner, who I have been tweeting and mailing with. So it was great to finally meet him.

After a glass of cava or two we left and walked through the old town, towards our hotel and on the hunt for some dinner. In the old parts we came across a very small bar, where we sat down for a while. But we stayed a little longer than planned since the service and the drinks were fantastic! Next time you are in Barcelona I highly recommend you to go to this bar and have a glass of cava or try their mojito or sangria! The best in town?

La Alcoba Azul bar, is the name and if you have a map I’m sure you will be able to find it. It’s not far from the Rambla. It is open from 16 – 03 more or less every day. On the weekend they open already at 13.00.

In total a great day in Barcelona. And yes we did get some dinner at the end at a very nice english pub actually. And then off to bed!


A very happy Cava lady with a glass of well made sangria