The best help ever!

We are packing!! Just one day left at work and then we’re off to Cava country! I just can’t wait!

This week has been crazy at work, with so many things to get ready before leaving and also people to see. But in all this chaos I have had one light, my dear friend at Institute del Cava in Sant Sadurni. She has in this week set a schedule once again for me so I’ll be kept busy during my stay. Even though I’m asking her at the last minute and have strange requests, and at the same time wishing to meet new producers, she always finds the time to set a perfect schedule. I am so lucky to have her to help me, I think I would be lost if I did not.

I owe so much to Institute del cava, because they have been there for me from the start and always helped me with everything. So If you one time need an expert in Penedés to help you out when it comes to Cava, you should turn to them.

You will find them here: Institute del Cava