Have you thought about life lately?

I just came in after a very short run (the second this year), and while standing in my very small kitchen stretching, looking out over the river that flows past our house, I came to think about life. I have a very good life. A VERY good life indeed! I can’t say that I miss anything in it. Well an Aston Martin Vanquish would always be nice of course… 😉
Well I honestly can’t think of anything I really need, not for real.

I have a fantastic husband, my family that is always there for me and really close by, more friends that I could ever wish for, I am not ill, I have a great job that I love going to every day and I live in the most beautiful place! I am really all set. And I really hope you are too. Think about it… what really matters?

On top of all this I can eat great food every day (since my fantastic husband is such a great cook!) and I have my Cava in the cellar. So to make this day and this life even better, I’ll go and get one of those bottles and start up dinner. And while cooking I’ll think about that I’ll soon be in Penedès again. Just two weeks to go!!