Finally we are here!

After 3000 km through Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France we are finally here, at Cal Ruget Biohotel! As we have dreamed and looked forward to this moment!

Now we have one week of cava visits, relaxing and great food and drink to look forward too and all of this together with wonderful people!

It is always so nice to come here to Calruget biohotel, because you always feel so welcome and taken care of. And so nice to see the dogs again, Urku and Unax, who got quite tired now in the evening.

We are all installed in our rooms, we have enjoyed a some great glasses of cava and are now waiting for some dinner before we will go to bed and sleep like babies.

I can’t explain how happy we are to bee here!

The best help ever!

We are packing!! Just one day left at work and then we’re off to Cava country! I just can’t wait!

This week has been crazy at work, with so many things to get ready before leaving and also people to see. But in all this chaos I have had one light, my dear friend at Institute del Cava in Sant Sadurni. She has in this week set a schedule once again for me so I’ll be kept busy during my stay. Even though I’m asking her at the last minute and have strange requests, and at the same time wishing to meet new producers, she always finds the time to set a perfect schedule. I am so lucky to have her to help me, I think I would be lost if I did not.

I owe so much to Institute del cava, because they have been there for me from the start and always helped me with everything. So If you one time need an expert in Penedés to help you out when it comes to Cava, you should turn to them.

You will find them here: Institute del Cava



One week to go!

Just one week from now I’ll be sitting in a bierstube in Badsegerberg (Germany) sipping on a weissbier. Because then we will have done our first day on our way down to Penedès! I’m so excited!

I have actually spent the whole afternoon, writing to my cava friends in Penedès and planing what to bring and how to spend the few days we have in the area.
I will mostly drive around and visit the producers that I have got to know, and see how they are doing. I’m really curious about how the spring has been and if the flowering has started.
But since this will be my only vacation this year I’ll make sure to get some time at CalRuget Biohotel, just reading a book and lying in the sun. Maybe scratching one of the dogs behind the ear. It will be so nice to see both Florian, Veronica and the dogs again! We have missed them all so much.

But first it is a hectic week, to go through at work, packing and geting the house ready for departure. So I have to wait just a little longer.

Cava friends are the best of friends.

Cava is a passion. It is hard to explain to someone how does not share this passion. Or to be honest it is hard to explain it to anyone who does not understand. This is why I love meeting up with my Cava firends. Because we always have a comon goal… to share Cava with others and to share our passion.

Tonight I had the luck to be in Copenhagen at the same time as one of my cava friends. It was so nice, since I have not seen her since january and I do admit that I feel quite isolated up here in Sweden.
So it was some refreshing hours to get some news and to talk to someone of the same mind set.
Soon I’ll be in Penedés again where I some how feel at home, although I don’t know the language yet. But still I feel at home in my heart. Soon I’ll drive among the hills on the small roads, with fear for my life, on my way to a small cava producer and all will be again as it should.

Thank you Ana for a lovely evening!

Have you thought about life lately?

I just came in after a very short run (the second this year), and while standing in my very small kitchen stretching, looking out over the river that flows past our house, I came to think about life. I have a very good life. A VERY good life indeed! I can’t say that I miss anything in it. Well an Aston Martin Vanquish would always be nice of course… 😉
Well I honestly can’t think of anything I really need, not for real.

I have a fantastic husband, my family that is always there for me and really close by, more friends that I could ever wish for, I am not ill, I have a great job that I love going to every day and I live in the most beautiful place! I am really all set. And I really hope you are too. Think about it… what really matters?

On top of all this I can eat great food every day (since my fantastic husband is such a great cook!) and I have my Cava in the cellar. So to make this day and this life even better, I’ll go and get one of those bottles and start up dinner. And while cooking I’ll think about that I’ll soon be in Penedès again. Just two weeks to go!!