I love birthdays!

It has been two busy weeks and I’m sorry for the absence. But sometimes it is like this and it’s just something that one has to accept I guess. But don’t think for a second that this means that I have not had any Cava. On the contrary! Our stock in the basement is starting to run low, and it is extremely good that it is not too long until we load up the car for the Barcelona trip. Four weeks to be exact, and we are so excited to see all the friends in Penedés again!

This passed Thursday I had my birthday and I must admit that I love birthdays! If it is mine or someone else’s does not really matter, since it is the celebrating part I just LOVE!
So this Thursday we cooked up some really nice Moules Marinares and opened a bottle of great Cava. It does not have to be complicated to be really really nice!