Leap year day, only every 4th year!

Today is a very special day! It is a day that only occurs every 4th year, and it is also the day (according to very old traditions that can/and should be ignored) when women could ask there sweetheart to marry her. So look out all men out there!

No matter if you are proposing to your darling or just treating this day as any other normal working day, I just want to tell you this… Celebrate!
This day will not come again for another four years, and on top of everything it is “hump day”. A perfect day to celebrate!

And of course I have a suggestion.
For once I think that you should try something sweet. Namely a fantastic Cava made on 100% Malvasia, and with a dosage of sweet sherry like wine, that makes it a great partner to desserts like crema catalana and chocolate cake. And I think that leap year day and “hump day” can be worth celebrating with some dessert too.

The name of the Cava is Freixenet Malvasia, and I think that it is the 2001 that is available in the stores now.

But if you cant get a hold of this one, just take something that you like and enjoy it. Enjoy like and everything that is good, because there are so many things to be great full about!

Personally I’m going to trim our hedge of Lilacs today, so that it will look good this summer, and that I’m very happy about! Happy leap year day!