Planing for future “Happy Friday Cava”

Here in Sweden we have a monopoly when it comes to alcohol, called Systembolaget. This makes it hard for me to suggest Cavas to the people living here since there is some planning needed if you want any Cavas over 99 kronor (about 10 €).
There are in total 72 Cavas available at Systembolaget and 58 of these you have to order especially if you want them and wait for about 8 days for them to be ready for pick up. I know it is absurd!

So today when we are all getting ready for “Happy Friday Cava” it is not easy for us to just go and pick up the bottle of our choice. SO because of this I’m ahead of schedule and will today suggest a Cava for the Swedish readers to order, so if you are lucky you will have it for next Happy Friday Cava event! All of the rest of you living elsewhere are probably more lucky since you will most likely be able to buy this great Cava in a store not to far away from where you are right now, since as you see on the map below they are all over the world!

The Cava I’m talking about today is Raventós i Blanc De Nit

Raventós i Blanc is a fantastic place and I really recommend you to visit them when you are in Penedés next time. And of course their Cavas are wonderfull. But the one that caught my heart right away was the De Nit.

De Nit is a very pale rosé, so elegant in colour that is would suit any larger banquet or movie premier, because it will make anyone feel like a V.I.P or a moviestar.  It is so clear that it is like diamonds in a glass.
It is made from the traditional grapes Macabeu (50%), Xarel.lo (25%) and Parellada (20%) but also has a twist of Monastrell (5%) that gives that special colour.
It is fruity crisp and oh so elegant on the tongue.

So how do you get your hands on one (or several)?
In Sweden you go up on Systembolagets website and you order it. It is only 149 kronor a bottle which I in my opinion is a bargain. And then you cross your fingers that Systembolaget will be quick about it! (77423 is the ordering number.)

If you do not live in Sweden I recommend you to have a look at Raventós i Blanc’s website to see where you can get it. Or you can of course google it and have a look at all the web shops available.

I sincerely recommend you to try this Cava even though it needs to be ordered especially if you live in Sweden. But trust me, it is worth the wait!