Recaredo’s oldest vineyard and a horse

Recaredo were one of the producers I visited last week. I have visited them one before but that was during harvest and now the vineyards look very different indeed. I love visiting their vineyards that are beautifully kept and situated just outside Sant Sadurní. (At least the parts I have visited)

Recaredo has a one hectare large vineyard of 70 year old Xarel.lo vines, and it is called Turó d’un Mota. From this plot they make a cava with the same name, and that is the longest aged Cava I have ever tasted. And in my opinion it is fantastic.

Recaredo is a biodynamic producer and take care of all their blots according to the biodynamic tradition, but with Turo d’un Mota they have gone one step further. Here they also plow the earth with horsepower… yes, and the horse’s name is Bru, if I have understood correctly. It is all fantastic and you can have a look here how it is done. As you will see Bru sometimes takes a snack from the vines and sometimes has a break to eat some grass.