Plans for the future

Dreaming is easy but turning the dreams into reality is difficult because there is so many things to take into consideration. But to work in Spain (Cava country) parts of the year, and Sweden parts of the year would really be fantastic! Me and my fantastic husband have started to talk about this to see if we can find a way.

Warm Spain

In September when we were visiting the cava producers during harvest, we met Pär Lindholm who runs Active Spain, and got really inspired by his work. Pär moved to Penedés some years ago and now guides tourists both on hiking trips, bicycle trips through the country side, day visits to the beautiful mountain of Montserrat and many other events. He has developed Active Spain from scratch together with a colleague (if I have understood correctly). Pär of course speaks Spanish, English and Swedish, but he also speaks Catalan, which impresses me! So now when we are going to Penedés in May we will meet up again with Pär, and I am so excited to hear more about his journey and how he ended up where he is today.

Snowy cold Sweden

If you are planing a trip to Barcelona and the Penedés area I can really recommend contacting Pär or at least have a look at his website, because he has many suggestions on what you can do during your visit. You find the link here above.

Recaredo’s oldest vineyard and a horse

Recaredo were one of the producers I visited last week. I have visited them one before but that was during harvest and now the vineyards look very different indeed. I love visiting their vineyards that are beautifully kept and situated just outside Sant Sadurní. (At least the parts I have visited)

Recaredo has a one hectare large vineyard of 70 year old Xarel.lo vines, and it is called Turó d’un Mota. From this plot they make a cava with the same name, and that is the longest aged Cava I have ever tasted. And in my opinion it is fantastic.

Recaredo is a biodynamic producer and take care of all their blots according to the biodynamic tradition, but with Turo d’un Mota they have gone one step further. Here they also plow the earth with horsepower… yes, and the horse’s name is Bru, if I have understood correctly. It is all fantastic and you can have a look here how it is done. As you will see Bru sometimes takes a snack from the vines and sometimes has a break to eat some grass.




A place to stay in Vilafranca

During my days in the Cava region this week I stayed at Casa  Torner i Güell. It is a quite small hotell in the center of Vilafranca.

A great bed, after a good nights sleep

Casa Torner i Güell has a wonderful staff, that helps you with everything you need. The rooms are very nice in a modern style, with very comfortable beds! I like a firm bed, and the bed I had was fantastic so I slept like a princess.

During my stay I usually came in around 7pm and stayed in checking up on e-mails, writing and planing. So it was great to have the wi-fi (quite fast) and ordering some cured Iberian ham and a glass of Cava.

The bathroom was nice with a fantastic shower where the water came from the ceiling. I know it sounds strange, but it was like standing in a waterfall. I’m usually not a person who takes very long showers, but after a long day in the vineyards it was lovely to stand there in the waterfall! They also has products that I really like, L’Occitane. This of course also gives that little extra in the shower.

The bathroom (after my use)
Lovely products







Last but not least I just have to mention the fantastic eggs and bacon I had everyday for breakfast, spiced with some black truffles. A great way to  start a day.

I can warmly recommend Casa Tornell i Güell if you want to stay in Vilafranca and I am sure that their great staff will attend to you as diligently as they did me!!

Goodbye Spanair

Sometimes I feel very lucky, and today is such a day.

This morning when eating breakfast I heard on the radio news that Span air had gone into bankruptcy and that they had stopped all flights. So I’m very happy that I came home yesterday with one of their last flights I guess.

I feel sorry for all the people who now gets stuck!