What to drink? week 52


Today is the last day of 2011 and I’m sure many of you are preparing a nice dinner for family or friends. Personally I think that is the best! To drink and eat good things with the people I love is fantastic.

Tonight we are having dinner with 9 friends (and three dogs) in our very small house. And my husband have taken this opportunity to buy a bottle of champagne in Jeroboam size. We happen to like Pol Rogers portfolio, and the two last years we have had their “extra cuvée de réserve” as an aperitif. So I would say it is starting to become a tradition. What worries me though is that two years ago we had standard bottles, last year a magnum and this year the Jeroboam… you see what I mean.

But as Churchill is supposed to have said; “The Jeroboam is the perfect size as an aperitif for two people if one is not drinking”

Whit that I want to wish you all the best for 2012! And hope that you will have a lovely day and evening!


(The small bottle is last years magnum…)

Preparing for New Years Eve

Now it is “all in” for new years!

We have nine friends coming over and we are cocking a seven course dinner, which is so much fun! it is starting to become  a tradition since this is the third year we’r at it.

The french truffle cake is already in the oven and the herb butter to go with the cod is prepared and in the fridge. So now I will soon go on a hunt for Jerusalem artichokes in the neighbours vegetable patch (it’s ok, they are coming too and know I’m raiding their stock). So what is the menu you might wonder? I can only give you the food and some of the wines, since the guests are bringing most of the beverage and I don’t know what their all bringing…

Menue for New Years Eve 2011

  • Canapés and Pol Roger brut reserv (the husband thought it a good idea to by a Jerobaum so we will have enough for the first pre-course as well)
  • White asparagus soup with parma ham bruschetta. (continuing with the Pol Roger)
  • Moules marinières with home made twisted baguette (some kind of white wine, chablis?)
  • Marinated cod with grilled green asparagus, citrus hollandaise and herb butter (cava Raventós i Blanc)
  • Filét of ox, creamed Savoy cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke gratin and red wine reduction (some kind of red wine I guess)
  • French truffle cake with candied almonds and hassle nuts (chocolate stout)
  • Coffee and cognac

Then it is out in the cold to light the New Years eave bonfire and look at some fire works!

Hope that you all will have a wonderful New Years Eve!

I wish you all the best for 2012, may it be a prosperous year and may all your wishes come true!

I’m all set for the pruning in January

I think I might be the happiest person in the world right now. Since my fantastic friends in Sant Sadurnì has invited me to learn more about tending the vines, and how the pruning is done! I will go in January, and I cant wait!

The pruning of the vines is extremely important since the producer in this way can secure that the plants energy is not being waisted, setting new branches that are not wanted. Instead all the energy is saved within the plant so when it starts to sprout in the spring, all the energy will go out in the leaves, flowers and branches that are wanted.

But the pruning is a science in itself and I cant wait to learn more!

All this fuzz about New Years Eve

Now you can read in every paper, magazine, on twitter, Facebook, blogs and websites, about the best sparkling bargains around. Everyone is very concerned about what to drink when we enter 2012.

The wine personality who is writing in my local newspaper (Bengt-Göran Kronstam), took the opportunity this weekend, to enlighten us on what to buy. And he actually recommended bottles also outside the Champagne-segment, which was nice. Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Pinot noir, from Australia, was put in the “Bargain”-catagory as well as Rotari Rosé from Italy, that has become a very popular fizz here in Sweden. But what I was most happy about was the fact that he mentioned Segura Viudas Brut Rosé as a “Best buy”!

Segura Viudas picks all their grapes by hand and I have since this summer recommended their Brut Rosé to many. It is easy, well made and very much value for money. If you have not tried it I think you should, and if you don’t want to have it on New Years, have it on a Tuesday when you come home from work, and just relax!

The snow has come

The snow has come during the night, and it is the first snow this winter. Its very late for being here in Sweden. Lats year we had snow already in October and it stayed until the end of March. Even though I think it is beautiful I must admit that I liked this years late snow better.

But at the same time I’m sitting here looking out my window, I have received the news for the publisher that he has sent my manuscript for proofreading, and then we are going to start working on the layout! I’m so excited!

But at the same time I’m already thinking about new ideas for a new book or even books. But one step at the time I guess, since there is no need to rush.