Good news, good christmas buns and good beer!

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It has been a very good weekend and start of week 48. Last Friday, I heard from the publisher I sent the script to, and to my great joy he liked it. My joy is beyond words! Although one should not take a victory for granted before the battle is won…  it feels good. Especially when we talked again yesterday, and I got to hear about the other plans he has for the book. So now I am entering a new phase, which is extremely exciting and everything has to go very quickly if the book is to get out in time to the vinNordic fair 25-27th of April.

So yesterday I celebrated a bit with a trip to the wine store and bought some winter/Christmas beers to the approaching evening dinner. Since last year I have become very fond of Samuel Adams Winter breew. Tasty but not so sticky in the mouth as some Christmas beers can be. I also bought Mikkellers “santa’s littlehelper” and Shepherd Neame’s  “Christmas Ale” which were both nice beers that I would buy again.

In addition, I baked a good batch of saffron buns!
Christmas is almost here and I’m on the right track! Tjohoooo!


What to drink? Week 48

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This weekend we drank Chateau Mont-Redon (No. 2811 at the swedish monopoly), a Chateauneuf-du-Pape from 2007.

We were visiting friends at their farm in Sörmland and for dinner on Saturday, we were served the fillet of one of their steers recently slaughtered. I have never tasted anything like it! Luckily we had brought a Mont-Redon with us, which matched the meat, potatoes and wonderful cream souse perfectly! With its spicy flavor with dark fruit, pepper and a little oak finnish.
We had a very nice Saturday to say the least!

Château Mont-Redon costs  229 SEK (33 USD) and is available on the monopoly’s standard range. Apparently it is also available in half bottles.


Waiting for Godot …

Like Vladimir and Estragon I sit and wait, though I have only myself to talk to. Just between autumn and winter I sit and rejoice over every snow-free day, although I know that the snow would lighten up the darkness. But it’s the cold I dislike above all, andI know that snow means cold. 

The past year has been full of sunshine and warmth, and even if it has rained sometimes and been cold outside, my mind has always been in Catalonia. Where the grapes grow and ripen, and where the cava is aging in the cellars, that is where my thoughts have been. But now the journey has come to its first stop and this is where I’m now waiting …

In order to move forward now, I must first hear from the publisher, for only then do I know how I should proceed. Hopefully this is the calm before a small storm. A storm that will bring new hours in front of the computer with a script to be changed and fixed according to the opinions of others. A storm that will take me away from the crossroad where I now find my self. In the non-specific and not yet settled, there is hope and excitement, but unlike Vladimir and Estragon, I have great hopes that the one I am waiting for will actually turn up.


What to drink? Week 47

reserva real, cava, freixenet, aw wines
Reserva Real has changed the minds of many people, when it comes to their opinion about cava! From believing that cava is only young bubbles tasting citrus, I have won over everyone on my side. At least the once I have met that have tried this.

Freixenet Reseva real (No.: 88 959) costs 169 SEK (24 USD) at systembolaget in sweden and is probably the most “value for money” quality bubbles they have, perhaps the most affordable product in general. A total of 200,000 bottles of Freixenet Reserva Real are produced annually. Made by the best xarel.lo, macaque and parellada grapes they get, then aged at least 36 months, each step in the handling of the bottles is made by hand. This cava also contains 20% reserve wine stored in oak barrels which adds an extra dimension to the flavor and character.

Reserva Real is a fantastic cava with ripe flavors of apples, almonds, fresh baked bread, honey and citrus. This cava also goes well to a lot of food, among other things it was served at my friends’ weddings with fried pikepearch, citrushollandais, bacon wrapped asparagus and roasted vegetables. It was FANTASTIC!


This weekend was a new fair.

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This passed weekend was “my kitchen” out at the Stockholm fairs. After four days, the mood was great but the voice worn.

It’s been a good show with interested visitors and nice fellow exhibitors. Fredrik Vogel, the designer of the Carlsberg stand, had made it so cleverly so that it was easy to rebuild into an other shape after the beer and whiskey festival in Stockholm last month. One must think in terms of tetris parts was Fredrik’s explanation, which I thought was very clever.

Just like the beer festival the focus was on cheese and beer. But this time there was also Christmas beer included in the load, which gave many interesting combinations with the cheese.

Do you have anything planned for next weekend? If not I think you should plan to come and visit us in Örbro at their beer and whisky festival, starting on Friday. Hope to see you!