What to drink? Week 44

Yesterday we ate tacos even though it was Wednesday. I have heard of the tradition many families in Sweden have to eat tacos on Fridays, as a part of “Friday- family-time”, but since we has no children we do want. So we popped a cava for dinner. Actually one of the nine that I had picked up after almost forgetting that I had ordered them from the monopoly. 

Faustino Brut Reserva was chosen. You know the Faustino Martinez, who makes the famous Rioja wines (and the cava was also from Rioja). It was actually the first time I tasted a cava that was not from Penedès, which is perhaps not surprising given that 95% of all Cava is made in precisely Penedés.

We were pleasantly surprised that such a focused wine producer makes such good cava. Small tingling bubbles that were like pearls on the tongue, beautiful yellow apples with a breadiness that remained in the finish along with the fruit. Really nice!

Faustino Martinez Cava Brut Reserva (No. 85284 at the monopoly in Sweden), 79 SEK (11.50 USD) a very good bargain for that extremely modest price. I sense a new favorite here at home?
Faustino Cava brut reserva has been 26 months on the lees and are made ​​from the traditional grape Macabeo and Chardonnay.

If we Swedes order enough, it will be put in to the standard range already in the spring. It has been done before!


Now it is close, I can feel it!

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In April, I stood with my feet in the red earth and looked at the pinot noir and chardonnay with their sheer leaves. Now, a half year later I am almost finished with the English script for the book. Some of you who has followed me and the process are maybe wondering… Wouldn’t it be in Swedish? Well hopefully that too, and spanish, but after pressure from Penedés and other international interests I have translated it all to english.

But I still have some things to ad, before the manuscript is finished. And there is much else that is happening now as well, and I have a feeling that everything will take off real very soon!!

segura viudas, cava, aw wines

Det är mycket annat som händer nu också och jag känner på mig att allt kommer att ta fart på riktigt väldigt snart!

What to drink? Week 43

Next week rCarlsberg will release Carnegie Anniversary Porter, since the brand is celebrating 175 years. And it is is really a very nice beer, in my opinion.

The anniversary porter is brewed in Falkenberg (South west of Sweden) and in collaboration with Broklyn Breweries brew master Garrett Oliver. This is a beer with a lot of body, and with its 8.8 vol % one would think you should feel the alcohol, but I don’t think so really.  I’m sure this porter will go to everything from cheese to hearty  meat stews and chocolate desserts.
This porter is both fermented with ale and lager yeast and also stored eight weeks on bourbon barrels, which gives it a delightful crunchy and toffee like tones. So nice!

Unfortunately, it’s still unclear exactly how many bottles that will be released to us consumers, but one thing that is certain is that the edition is very limited.

The Carnegie Anniversary Porter is released November 1 at selected stores in Sweden, and has number 11033. It costs 99 SEK (14 USD) and is only available in 75 cl bottles.


What to drink? Week 42

It can no longer deny it or live with the belief that there’s an “Indian summer” coming… it is autumn now. Frost at night and the thermometer winds up just over the five degree mark, on the Celsius scale, here in Uppsala. So one just has to make the best of it!

The moos hunt has started and the mushrooms it has been more then plenty about in the woods, or so I’ve heard. Well I myself have not yet taken the dog for a walk that far in the woods yet, and don’t think I will get around to it to be honest. But just the thought of moose and butter fried chanterelles makes me feel like having a really nice Rioja.

And this is one of the Riojas I have had lately.

veckans vintips, aw wines, lat 42Lat 42 Gran Reserva (No. 12679 at the Swedish monopoly), costs 89 SEK (13 USD) and is a lovely Rioja with spice and savor. I think it has a distinct character of cherry jam, dill, tobacco and fine vanilla from the oak found in Rioja.

It is made of the classic Rioja grape Tempranillo and has an alcohol content of 13.5%.

If you tend to like the particular style of Rioja, I think you will like this!

Forgotten cava, brought home at last.

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It struck me this morning that I ordered cava through the monopoly, before I went to Catalonia, that is over a month ago. Gee gee, so it can go if you have too much to think about.

Said and done I called the them up, and a happy Maria announced that, yes they were still waiting for me. Since I do not remember exactly what I ordered, they asked her what I could expect. Maria began to read from a note and totally it seemed I had ordered nine bottles from nine different manufacturers. Ops!

I took the car at once and headed out, because I was incredibly curious about what I would face as I looked down into the carton box. Albet in Noya, Pares Balta, and Villanrnau were some of the houses that were among the ordered bottles I knew.

Now they are all here on the kitchen counter and compliment my Wednesday afternoon, and I even think that one of them will be chosen to brighten my evening. Luckily Eva, the winemaker at Villarnau, gave me a stopper, so I do not have to drink the whole bottle tonight. 🙂