Now we are all set

Better late than never, I booked the flight down to Barcelona to attend the harvest. I’m incredibly excited about this fact I must say.

Many contacts have been made along the way and we will have a full schedule with visits to producers and contacts. Among other things we will see our friends at the Institut del Cava, which serves as the interest organization and Information Centre when it comes to cava. And they have helped me ore than I can say during my work with the book. So it will be wonderful to finally meet them.

ou find their website on

Hard to find prestige cava at the swedish monopoly

During the time since I started the cava project, I realized that there are some cava makers I especially should like to visit now when I go down to Sant Sadurní in September, to attend the harvest. To large extent because some are of great importance, and  others because they of one reason or another distinguished themselves. Among these are of course the giants Freixenet and Codorniu given on the list, but also Gramona, Segura Viuda, Albet in Noya and August Torello Mata. This latter eyeing the creator of the famous cava Kripta.
Kripta was created the first time in 1979 by Agusti Torello Mata. His goal was to create a cava that was completely unique, from some of the oldest vineyards in the Penédes. He waited thirty years to promote it, since he initially made it exclusively “for family, friends and great connoisseurs.”

Kripta is a Brut Nature and consists of the traditional cava grapes, Macabeu 45 percent, Xarel.lo 20 percent and 35 percent Parellada. It is stored at least 48 months on its lees with a cork and therefore classed as Grand Reserva, resulting in more mature and more complex tones in the flavor and aroma.
Because I suddenly got a huge urge to try this cava and not wait until September when I go, I contacted the importer. Sine due to my careful study of the swedish monopoly’s cava assortment, I know Kripta is not available, even through the special ordering service. The importer confirmed that the so-called “personal imports” is the way to go to lay your hands on this cult cava. He also said that Kripta existed at some point in the monopoly’s range,

but has been removed. I’ve said it before and will say it again … 490 champagnes and 61 cavas are available at the monopoly. The other bubbles we will not even talk about. It makes you want to cry or slap someone deciding about these things at the monopoly really hard in the face!

Much as I want a Kripta already this afternoon, I realize that it will never be. And although private imports are not such a hassle, I will just wait untilI go to Barcelona

Stackable storage.

I am very happy with IKEA once again. It may be that it’s hard to stay for a any period over 30 minutes in their stores and that it is somehow always a screaming child or confused adult each time blocking your path, when I like Ville the Weasel is trying to hit a new record for picking up candles and napkins. I can not for my life understand all these people, that with slow dragging steps, like sloths, leisurely are inspecting each department so not to miss any news that they previously never lacked, but which now seems impossible to live without. They load their trollies with small things for surprisingly low prices, and leaving checkout a few hundred dollars poorer, but most likely without what they actually came to buy.

Say what you will about the business tricks with cheap junk and to say the least exhausting visits to department stores, but they do have some incredibly intelligent solutions. As this week when my husband came home with the  wine rack “Omar”.

Galvanized steel with room for 24 bottles, and stackable! 192 cm, the two learned in height, which is perfect hight to reach and to still take advantage of the height in the

basement. Each bottle has its place where they lie steady and stable. It was truly a pleasure to assemble, adjust and sort all the bottles for something that resembled a system.

And the best of all was that when the old narrow shelves were exchanged for Omar, it became a whole lot of room left over! So now we have room to stock up with more cava and wine!! Jippi!

Why is it so cold, when it should be warm and nice!?

America’s National Day today, ie well into the summer and the first day of what is usually called industrial holiday here in Sweden, if I remember correctly. Summer is very much here one could say, if you just avoided looking out the window, that is.

If I were to run a marathon today, the weather would be perfect I guess, 15 degrees, cloudy and just a little wind. Such where the weather is “in between”, if you know what I mean. A weather that is not so bad that you can snuggle down on the couch (if you had any), with a cup of chocolate in front of a movie and not good enough to go out with a picnic basket. A weather that is not bad enough to be able to complain about really, but not good enough to make you feel inspiredto do something. An weather that simply does not inspire! Incredibly uninspiring really…

Now I will not sit here and spread negative vibes, there are other things that inspire than just the weather of course!

Maybe it’s also good for productivity with a little “in between weather” right now, because I planned a long reading of the new cava material I received from Spain before the weekend. So I would not have changed my plans regardless of the weather today, the material has always had priority over the chocolate, movies and picnics. But surely it would have been cozier to sit on the patio in the shade, looking out over the river, instead of sitting inside and constantly being disturbed by the fly which persistently tries to contribute to the creative process by flying into my ear or walk on the edge of my tea mug.

Well, there are flyswats and soon enough the weather will turn into something more inspiring.