Cava for the person who loves the simplicity in life.

It has been such a lovely sunny day here, so we just had to drink rosé cava today for dinner. It felt like the right thing to do.

Segura Viuda brut rosé, which is one of our favorites among the rosé caves available forunder 100 SEK at our monopoly. It is always a bit extra fun to drink or recommend Segura Viudas, side I have had the pleasure to meet one cava maker that started her career at this cava house. Now she works for a much larger company, although still within the same organization.

What about the cava, then? Well it is wonderfully fruity with strawberries and other red berries, which spread up into the nose and tickles the tongue. It is not very complicated, but it is probably not meant to be either. And on a hot summer night when you have excellent good company and just want something easy and cozy in the glass? I then have no idea what the real wine connoisseurs say, but I am very happy with such a nice rosé cava. Try it yourself and tell me what you thought the next time we meet! Or write me an e-mail at

Otherwise, I can say that the house of Segura Viudas also has other very nice caves in their range.

Now, remember that summer is short! Take the opportunity to enjoy, how you now think is the best and most appropriate wayfor the moment. The important thing is that you remember to do it!