Tomorrow its Midsummers Eve

For once, I have nothing whatsoever to do with the food on midsummer … feels a bitstrange actually.

The fact is that we are celebrating with good friends, at least as interested in food as we are, and because we are in their home this year, it’s a lie to try to help. I don’t mind really, since as a host or hostess you do have the  last say in everything. So I just do what I’m told, and happy to help if I’m allowed.

It is a joy to visit these wonderful friends! We seldom get so fantastically good food any were else. Now many of my friends are good at cooking, but the difference is the love of food. The joy that you feel when coming up with something really good to treat your guests with, twisting and turning on how to make it, then cook it from scratch and really enjoy the results and see how it shines in the eyes of those you cook for. That is true joy of food, and this is the signature of our great friends.

I was lucky enough to be permitted to fix something to drink to the dinner, which I was more then happy to do. Without knowing exactly, I knew that it would be mixed fish for main course and strawberry pavlova with lemon curd for dessert, so II bought a magnum André Clouet champagne to go with the fish and a Sauternes, Château du Bevant 2008, to the pavlova. I think it will be super.

Midsummer is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our amazing summer, beautiful nature and good food culture!