Some really good cavaglases

There is a difference between a glass and glass. Personally I think the usual champagneflutes that we use here in Sweden, which are “straight” at the top are pretty stupid. All bubbles will disappear along with all the scents  before it had time to react. In addition, At the same time I can’t fit my nose in the opening while I take a sip which I find boring. Fortunately there is help!

Both in Barcelona and in Champagne, a new bit more tulip-shaped glass has started to be used by the producers. These capture the scents in a way that gives us a better chance to smell all the aromas of the wonderful wines. In addition, I can fit my nose in these glasses while I drink which is an incredible plus! They are not easy to get a hold of though, at least not here in Sweden. I have bought mine from a cava producer, so personally I’m all set!

But really, as long as you are happy with the glasses you drink your bubbles from, that is all that matters.

Everything set for todays cava tasting

Today, it is Codorniu-testing at Norrland Nation in Uppsala. The interest has been great so there has been little additional purchases so we have enough bubbles also for any “last-minute guests.”

We will be testing five different cavas from Codorniu, as well as our reference cava (Freixenet Cordon Negro), that we always start with.

# 1, Anna de Codorniu

# 2, Codorniu Selection Raventós

# 3, Anna de Codorniu Brut Rosé

# 4, Codorniu Pinot Noir Brut

# 5, Codorniu classico

We will go through all, both individually and collectively, because we have earlier experiences learned that it is good to have a couple of minutes for  yourself first, but then it’s more fun to discuss and hear what others think. I will also tell you about my trip to Barcelona, ​​where I among other things,received an answer to the question of how/when/why you should or should not “consumer store” champagne and/or cava.

Have you just remembered that you actually have time to come tonight, but not registered? Me a call at 073-9220191 and we’ll solve it.

Bubbles from Texas

At home at last in glorious Uppsala after the tour to Champagne, with a short stop-over  in Denmark.

As much as I love to travel, there are few things that are as nice as coming home. Home to the house, the dog and the river. All missed in a special way.

After having convinced ourselves that the house was still standing, that the river had risen more than we expected and inspected the cherry tree bud development, we took hold of the unloading of the car and cooking. After taking a quick look at the cellar, we realized it was time to drink the bottle of bubble from Texas we bought in April last year. Given the recommendation we received from one of the older Champagne farmers during the trip, about the fact that we still had not drunk the champagne of the 1982 vintage we bought from him last year, the “you must make sure to do something about that”. We thought that a texas bubble (although some 20 years younger) was certainly more vulnerable to age than Mr. 1982.  Said and done, Rising star from Zin Valle Vinyard in El Paso, Texas, was taken up and served with fresh pasta, blue cheese and jamonserano ham. Maybe not the most obvious combination of all, but ok for two people who just came home from a long trip.

The fizz then? Well interesting to say the least. Without any information about manufacturing processes, vintage or grape composition it was ok. Me and my fiance’s overall review is that it clearly was possible to drink, despite an incredibly short aftertaste and a mousse that disappeared more quickly from the tongue than ginger ale, yet fruity with a hint of bread. There was acidity, even though it was not at all pushy and they had probably thrown in 20-25 grams of sugar before they put the cork in the bottle. My fiancé even found a little info about the wine on the producer’s website:

Semi-Dry Brut – Fragrantly sweet, full-flavored Cuvee. Rich complexity with ultra-fine bubbles and a toasty finish.

This wine goes well with: Appetizers or fruit – Especially strawberries.

AWARDS: 2006, 2007 & 2010 Lone Star Wine Competition – Silver Medal Dallas Morning News Competition: 2006 – Bronze, 2007 – Silver 2010 – Bronze

750ml Bottle: $ 19

It’s always exciting to try new bubbles, whether it comes from Ukraine, Champagne or Texas.  You always learn something and you will always be a little happier than you were before. Enough that I missed the traditional champagne racing on the last of April this year in Uppsala, but after a week of galloping up and down the lanes of the Champagne villages, I am more than happy with my choice of celebration.

Good night, and welcome home!